EasyERP as Zoho alternative

As Zoho struggles to keep us with current business demands, the market fills with alternatives that overtake once unbeatable leader. Resource planning tool EasyERP can be viewed as the fully capable Zoho alternative. Free version for the bigger number of user is the most obvious reason. Up to 25 users by EasyERP comparing to 3 by Zoho is quite a difference. Only cloud-based option while both cloud and on-premise versions are available under EasyERP.

Besides, it is also reliable and flexible in customization, offering contact management, lead management, project management and more. EasyERP provides the whole package for actual business needs. See for yourself. Zoho pros are: a) largely spread use, b) multiple tools and services available, c)integrated company suite. While there are certain Zoho cons: a) separate pricing for modules and tools, b) no on-premise option, c) weak customization options.

EasyERP benefits:

  • free for up to 25 users
  • user-friendly interface
  • plenty of business tools and modules built in
  • excellent reporting
  • simple customization

Why users are looking for Zoho alternative in the first place? Here’s what people are actually saying about using Zoho software. It has somewhat inconsistent interface across its applications. Many users find its design unappealing to use. It lacks in performance, and mostly small and mid-sized companies can benefit from it, not enterprises. Documentation is nearly non-existent. Support is present effectively only to address bugs, not to solve bigger problems.

EasyERP login page

Zoho alternative, EasyERP

So what can EasyERP offer instead? A simple and user-friendly CRM / ERP package with various useful modules. A dynamic product with constant updates and upgrades. Openness to customization of any level or complexity. Open source ERP for better productivity. Optimal number of modules to cope with business requirements of today: CRM, Project management, Finance/Accounting, Human resources, Orders/Purchases. Outstanding working speed and overall performance.

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