Free webinar
"How to run multichannel ecommerce"
for retailers, small business and online store owners

How to integrate your stores with one ERP system?
How to manage the inventory the right way?
How to pay all your orders from one place?
How to handle issues after the synchronization?

On this webinar you will learn about

  • Managing multiple channels in one ERP
  • Handling conflicts after the synchronization
  • Pitfalls during the integration
  • Fulfillments, payments and shippings via EasyERP
  • Purchase and sales order
  • Product publishing to multiple channels

Useful for


  • How to handle multiple stores the easy way
  • Simple inventory management from one place
  • Fulfill and deliver with excellence
  • Analyze the most popular products via reports
  • Solve the issues after synchronization

Small businesses

  • Purchase products and then sell them
  • How to maintain products stock
  • Simple, intelligent and advanced fulfillment
  • Update inventory and prices without a headache
  • Avoid potential delays with stock levels

Online store owners

  • Automate and manage your business from one place
  • Add your warehouses and locations
  • Monitor what channel brings the most profit
  • Add shipping and payment methods
  • Keep track of shipments and fulfillments

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"How to run multichannel ecommerce"

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