What are benefits of partnership?


Full sales cycle


Only sales closure


Only refer leads to close sales

Implementation partner can make also money from ingration and further support. We'll share specified % of the revenue company got from your subscribers which you refer for all time.

Integration Sales Referral
Partner programs
Leads and opportunities
Demo presentation
Revenue share 20% 15% 10%
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Partnership advantages

High profits from SMB

High profits from SMB

  • Partners get profit from partnership.
  • Price model is very flexible and best for small & medium business.
Priority development

Priority development

  • Partners participate in roadmap development and strategy.
Fast support

Fast support

  • We provide very fast responses to our partners with technical trainings and materials.


  • We can dedicate resources to help our partners in customization and implementation services.

Benefits of EasyERP



  • ERP is built on JavaScript and NoSQL DB.
  • Tech stack is BackboneJS, NodeJS & MongoDB.
  • Such stack provide faster work compared with other solutions.

Superior UI/UX

  • Interface is easy, light and predictive to work with.
  • We implement modern design trends in UI&UX.
  • It is great for tablet and smartphones as well.
Flexible platform

Flexible platform

  • It is very easy to implement new modules.
  • BigData analysis, import/export with ither solutions.
  • Prebuilt Integrations with Shopify, Magento etc.
Flexible platform


  • Sufficient business functionality at a truly affordable subscription price.
  • We support our partners to launch and get benefits from it.

Let's partner to build great software!

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