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How to migrate your store to Shopify

EasyERP Team 03/07/2017

You have decided that is time to migrate to Shopify. However, the amount of work that has to be done is horrifying? Or the prices for migration software are mercilessly high? In this case, EasyERP migration app is just what you need. With just a few clicks you can migrate your entire inventory from Magento, Etsy, and WooCommerce to Shopify for free!

Migrate to Shopify. Before you start

This article will show you the best way to migrate to Shopify using EasyERP migration app. However, first things first. Before you even consider to migrate your store somewhere be sure to check following issues:

  • URL redirections – make sure to set up URL redirect, so your customers will find your store if they click on their bookmark or use an old address from some advertisement or another link. This action is done in order to minimize the risk of losing old customers
  • Protocol-independent assets – also make sure that every important resource of your store is accessible even if you remove their specific protocol like “http” or “https”
  • It is a good practice to always have backups of important information of your E-Commerce store data in CSV or XSV files
  • Prepare your Shopify store. Make it ready to accept the data from your previous store. The best way to do this is to follow the Shopify setup guide
  • Get to know how and where to manage your billing information
  • If you have employees, don’t forget to create accounts for them

What will be transferred with EasyERP migration app?

So, what exactly will be transferred from your store to Shopify? Basically, all that is relevant to the inventory:

E-Commerce platform/Type of Data WooCommerce Magento Etsy
Name Yes Yes Yes
SKU Yes Yes Yes
Full Description Yes Yes Yes
Price Yes Yes Yes
Weight Yes Yes Yes
Variants Yes Yes Yes
Base image Yes Yes Yes
Additional images Yes Yes Yes
Quantity Yes Yes Yes

What I have to do to migrate to Shopify?

Migration from Magento and/or WooCommerce to Shopify through our migration app is an incredibly fast and convenient process. Here are all the required actions:

  1. Register in the EasyERP Migration App
  2. Choose necessary “from” and “to” stores.
  3. Provide us with the following credentials:
    1. Channel name
    2. Base URLs
    3. Your username and password for Magento or WooCommerce consumer key and secret
    4. API key and API password for Shopify
  4. Press “Start Migration” button
  5. Make yourself a cup of coffee
  6. Done!

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, how migration works

Is it safe to migrate to Shopify with EasyERP migration app?

Moreover, it is rock-solid and as safe as it can be. Judge yourself:

  • We store all credentials and transfer data on our PROTECTED servers.
  • All provided credentials and data are ENCRYPTED
  • Transferred data is cached on the server only during migration process, afterward, it is DELETED
  • With deleting your account all dedicated info and data are REMOVED as well.

So, as you can see, we care about your safety and comfort. Therefore, the shop credentials will be stored on our server in the encrypted state. In conclusion, you can migrate to Shopify again in the future, without unnecessary hassle.

After the migration is finished there is a short statistics available. And, there you can observe all the info according to the products which have been transferred.

As mentioned before – credentials for the shop which you have entered are being stored on our servers. Yet, you can delete or edit those any time you want at “My Channels” tab. And, as usual, it will take you just a few moments and clicks to do that.

WooCommerce migration to Shopify

So, you have decided to move your WooCommerce shop and migrate to Shopify. And a quick search through the WooCommerce plugins you have discovered that there are no free options to move your inventory from WooCommerce to Shopify. Because you were looking in a wrong place. EasyERP migration app is the best solution for you. And don’t forget, it is free.

To begin the process of actually moving your inventory from WooCommerce to Shopify you have to collect all of the necessary information from WooCommerce. This information includes:

  • Base URL – this is simple, it is an address of your shop, for example, shop.my-woocommerce.com
  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret

In order to get the consumer key and secret, you have to login into your WooCommerce account and go to WooCommerce/Settings.

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, WooCommerce Settings

Afterward, select the API tab, then Keys/Apps tab, here you will create a set of consumer key and secret.

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, WooCommerce key

Boot up the EasyERP migration app and login in. Notice that you can log in with your facebook, google+, or LinkedIn account. Or, you can create a separate set of credentials for this migration by pressing Sign Up button. As a result, the registration window will open, all you have to do is enter your data, this is very straightforward, you shouldn’t have any problem here.

Now, you will see the main page of EasyERP migration app. So, let’s begin the actual migration from WooCommerce to Shopify. The first step is to create new WooCommerce channel, to do so select Woo logo from the drop-down list. Afterward, enter the channel name, it can be any name you like, simply to name the current migration channel. Next input information you have collected earlier, channel name, consumer key, and consumer secret. Hit save the channel.

Now, moving on to configuring the target channel – Shopify. We have already covered this side in the previous chapter, simply input the necessary data in the fields. Don’t worry if you type in something incorrectly nothing bad will happen,  the system will inform you if something is wrong. Don’t forget to name your migration. Now, save your Shopify channel and click Start Migration.

At this stage, you will see all products with conflicts. This could be if you are making the migration, not for the first time, or you already have some products in your target store that have a matching SKU or name. Decide what to do with them, you have two options, skip or duplicate.

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, WooCommerce stats

Finally, you will be presented with the statistics, like how many products were migrated, and how many were skipped or duplicated. Now, it is done, you may go check your Shopify store, all of the products are there!

Magento migration to Shopify

There are quite a few easier things in the universe than to migrate to Shopify from Magento via EasyERP migration tool:

  • Sitting on a couch
  • Lying on a couch
  • Sleeping on a couch

But, jokes aside, first you have to collect all the necessary info from your Magento store. Which is:

  • Base URL
    EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, Magento base url
  • Your account username
  • Your account password

Afterward, please enter it into the respected fields in the Source Channel tab. Channel name field simply reflects the name of a channel in EasyERP and is not relevant. Its name is all up to you. All you have to do is to press Save channel button and it is done.

As you have finished with the Source channel (Magento) it is time to gather some info on the Target channel (Shopify). Here, the required credentials are a bit different. That’s because every platform has its own integration rules. The same applies to every channel.

So, to fill in the Target channel tab (Shopify) you will need:

  • Base URL
    EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, base url shopify
  • API key
    EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, APIkey
  • API password
    EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, APIpassword




To access API key and password in your Shopify store you’ll have to go to the Apps section, there in the footer of the page click on Manage private apps link. Here you’ll find necessary credentials.

Note: to avoid accidental flaws, we suggest to copy/paste both API key and password.

As in the case with Magento, the channel name is all up to you. Now press Save channel button and you’re done here.

To start the migration process enter the name for it (which, as usual, is all up to you) and click on Start Migration button. Now sip your coffee, choose necessary action for conflicted products (if there are any)

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, conflicted prods

press Finish import button, make a few more sips, et voila! It is done.

Now you can enjoy some statistics towards the whole process.

EasyERP: Migrate to Shopify, stats

And so it is done. If you have any questions left, please make sure to check out the video above. Now go and check out if all the products are there. If not – you know whom to write to, don’t you?

Etsy migration to Shopify

It is very simple to migrate your shop inventory from Etsy to Shopify. Thanks to the EasyERP migration app now it is not only easy but also free. So, here is a short instruction on how to migrate from Etsy to Shopify. At first, you will need to collect all the necessary data from Etsy, this includes:

  • Shop name
  • Keystring
  • Shared secret

If you haven’t used any plugin or outside app with your Etsy shop then Keystring and Shared secret are new terms for you. Don’t worry we will guide you through. But first, let’s mention the shop name. It is easy, this the domain name of your shop. In other words, this is displayed at the top of your page when you are viewing your main page, or what goes after “https://www.etsy.com/shop/”.

Next stop is Keystring and Shared secret. They are the credentials of your personal Etsy app. Don’t worry you don’t have to actually code, just go the Etsy developers page and create an app there with a few clicks. It is really simple, for more details check out our instructions.

etsy keystring

That was the hard part. Now, let’s move on to the EasyERP integration app. Create a new account using your email or sign to it with your facebook, google+, or LinkedIn account.

You will be greeted with the main page of EasyERP migration app. You will have to create a new Etsy migration channel, in order to do so select Etsy logo from the Source channel drop-down list. Come up with the channel name for your integration, it can be anything you like, its purpose is to just identify this migration.

Now you need to input all of the information you have collected earlier (shop name, keystring, shared secret). When you are done press “save the channel” button. If you have entered something incorrectly the EasyERP migration app will notify you, and give you an opportunity to fix it.

All that is left, to configure the target channel – Shopify. We have already covered this process in the previous chapter of this instruction. So, if you need a reminder, just scroll up. After you have configured the target channel, save it and press Start Migration.

The EasyERP migration app will change the menu to an information panel. All products with conflicts will be displayed there. These are the products with the same SKU or name. This situation can occur when you are migrating not for the first time. After the process is finished you will have an opportunity to fix the conflicts with a single press of the button. When done press Finish the migration button. At the end of the Etsy to Shopify migration

At the end of the Etsy to Shopify migration process, you will be greeted with the result table, that looks like this:

etsy to shopify migration

Experience any troubles with migration or have any questions?Contact Us!