System users


In EasyERP one can create users of various access levels to the database and workflows within the system. This section is a complete list of registered users. It enables control of all users activities, and administrative capabilities. With Users menu, here in Settings, you can add, edit or delete users, as well as assign profile roles. With Profiles menu you (as admin) can set access levels to different parts of the ERP.


When you click System Users tab in Settings you go to the list of all users - people who have (or will have) access to the program and will work in it. This is where you add users and assign their roles. When you already have a bunch of users, in this list you see:


  • Avatar.
  • User name (login);
  • E-mail;
  • Department;
  • Profile name;
  • Last access.

All those categories are clickable for purposes of sorting.


To add a new user you need to hit New button in the top of the screen and fill the fields in a popup window.

new system user

All the fields are mandatory and none can be left out. Photo is optional. You will need to specify user name, password, email and profile type. Note, that no spaces or special characters are allowed, only letters and digits. To assign access level to various parts of the system for the user you’ll need to go to Profiles tab.

You can delete users in 2 ways: clicking on a user and then Delete button, or putting a checkmark next to a user in the list and then Delete.


To edit user information click on user and go its page.


By clicking Edit button you can edit username and email, change profile type, edit profile picture. You can also delete a user by clicking the respective Delete button.