Products configuration


The purpose of Product Configurations is to structure the products for easier navigation through them in the system. This section allows you to create categories for the products you sell/buy or services you provide. For example, your company sells electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, TV, PCs or shoes, clothes, hats, shirts, pants, accessories and so on. So you can create categories for each of them and then use categories when creating invoices. Also you can categorize products, which you buy for company needs and which cannot be sold. The section Product Configuration includes 5 categories:

  1. Warehouse;
  2. Price Lists;
  3. Product Types;
  4. Product Options;
  5. Shipping methods.

Now we`ll explain all of these categories in detail.


If your business is related to any tangible products or services, then you definately need at least one warehouse to keep them in there. In this section you can view warehouses, mark them as "own" (any warehouse which is considered as a property, probably your own, for which you don`t have to pay) and "main" (your primary warehouse), set the zone (some part of a storage or group of locations) of the warehouse and location (encoded position) of the product in the warehouse. To simplify the product management in the warehouses EasyERP uses the following codification of the location:

  • Corridor.
  • Cupboard.
  • Drawer.
  • Box.

But, of course, you may easily customize this codification to your own needs simply naming them in each field.


To add a new warehouse all you have to do is just follow these steps.


Price lists

EasyERP offers the possibility to create some separate price lists. For example, this feature is useful when you have different prices for one product for different regions. In this section you can list your prices, create short codes for each, choose currencies or assign them as supplier`s price list through “supplier price list” option. To edit or delete an existing price list hover the cursor over a price list and click on appeared edit/delete icon.


Adding new price lists is really easy:

new pricelist

Product types

In this section you create types for the products you have, for better classification of those. Each "Product type" is determined by "Product options" to which it is linked. For example, product type "Shirts" can be determined by "Size", "Color", "Material" product options. Also here you`re able to see amount of products assigned to a certain product type.

Creating a new product type is such an easy process that we won`t even stick any gif in here... aaah, but of course we will!

new product type

If creating a new product type wasn`t hard then editing it won`t be any harder either. Simply hover the cursor over a desired product type and click on appeared edit icon. After choose necessary options and save it.

edit product type

Note: you can`t unchek "Product options" which are assigned to existing products because they serve as basis for Product variants, so you have to delete those manualy first. It's not a bug it's a feature!

Product options

Here you may edit and delete existing product options and, obviously, create new ones. For example, you can add a specification regarding the size or a color of a product.

Creating new "Product option" is the same as creating a "Product type", which means it couldn`t be even easier.

new product option

While editing the existing one is a bit trickier:

  • Hover the cursor over product option and press appeared edit icon.
  • Add new or edit existing vallues and save them
  • Check related product types
  • Save it

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As you may have noticed that`s exactly the place where you can create new values.

Shipping methods

Here you can create/edit/view/delete all your shipment methods. And that`s probably it. It`s pretty much the same as in previous sections.

To create new shipping method, all you have to do is:

  • Press "Add" button;
  • Enter name of "Shipment method";
  • Create short "Code" for it;
  • Pick desired "Account";
  • Set a "Price";
  • Save it!

New shipping method

Editing existing one is similar to creation process, except all fields are already filled.