Organization profile

In the section Organization profile, you can fill in such basic information about your company as:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Industry
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Primary contact

This information will be displayed as default info about your company in all transactions, invoices and info cards. So it is crucial to fill in all the fields correctly and with maximum responsibility, so your organization profile would be as correct as possible.

EasyERP: Organization profile

All the fields are pretty much understandable. Hence, it won’t be a big deal for you to fill in all of them. Probably, Primary contact field requires a little explanation. Here you have to choose a contact which is represented by an email. From this email, all letters to your contacts will be sent by default.

Note: pay attention that Organization Name and Industry are mandatory fields.

Default currency and start date

While the Base Currency field is pretty obvious one, but it is too important not to mention it in Organization profile topic. Here you select the base currency mainly for accounting. But it will be also used when you create invoices, orders, proformas or simply manage your inventory. You can introduce any currency you wish to the system in Settings/Accounting/Currency tab.

EasyERP: Organization profile

In the Start Date field, you provide the first day when your company started operating (or when you started using EasyERP, or any other day you like). Its purpose is to not allow the creation of documents (proformas, invoices, orders, etc.) before some specified date, to avoid adverse consequences. Literally, this date is the day when you have found the company. It is logical that you can’t create the document a year before you have created the company.

Note: you can set Start Date only once, if you set it then you can’t change it anymore. So fill it very carefully.