Here you can manage departments of your company, assign employees to them and other workflows. In this way you recreate company’s structure as you’re also able to create parent departments first. Any department could be a parent further on.

All the settings applied to each department will impact your work related experience. For example, your work with HR module when you add/edit employees, applications or job positions - you’’ assign them to a certain department. So you will need to configure your departments from this menu in Settings. You may later change positions of any department in the list with simple drag and drop.

  • Click New button.
  • Enter Profile Name;
  • Enter Description;
  • Select Base profile;
  • Check Create new profile from scratch if you don’t want to use base profile;
  • Click Cteate button.

Use base profile when you want to add or remove the permissions that are in base profile, this is fast way to create new profile because rich options allow you to create access to any module in EasyERP. Click on module name shows all options available for this module.



To add new department you need to click “New” button in the top left of your screen. This will open a popup window with 2 tabs: Main info and Second info.

In Main Info specify the data about new department - Name of department (at least 2 characters), choose parent department from drop down menu, assign manager to it. Also there’s a checkmark called “Show in development”, which, if checked, means the department’s work will be tracked in Project/Time cards.

In Second Info tab choose users (left window) to be assigned to a department (right window), as well as you may remove users from a department - simply clicking on them.

new depertment

After filling all the fields click Create button.

To Edit existing departments - click on one, make necessary changes and click Save.

To delete a department - click on one and then click Delete, or use Trash sign on the right next to a department.



There’s a possibility to export your structured department list in CSV or XLSX file. Just click on the respective button above the list and you’ll get a file generated and downloaded to your PC automatically.