This section helps you to configure the things related to currencies, taxes, bank accounts and payment terms for invoices that are used in your company for payments. Companies can be located in different countries, can have bank accounts abroad with various tax forms and use many currencies for incoming payments from customers, this section allows you configure all this issues according your business needs.

All of these will be covered further on in detail. So let`s start with the "Currency".


With EasyERP you can deal with most of the currencies used in the world today. Hovering the cursor over the row with the currency shows the edit and delete icons.


If your business requires another currency that is not present in the system then you can easily add it. Simply follow the next steps:

  • Click Add button;
  • Select the currency from the list by clicking on Select;
  • Enter symbol for currency;
  • Click Save button.


Decimal places means how many digits after the dot will be shown in EasyERP.

Note: If you load new rates by pressing "Load rates" button, all your previous custom changes in your major currencies will be overwriten, so keep it on your mind.

Currency rates

To be up to date with currency exchange rates, you have the possibility to add the newest currency rates on a day-to-day basis in this category . Moreover, you can also load older currency rates, that you edited before.

currency rates 1

You can also easily add new currency rates in a few steps:

  • Hower over any currency rate for the needed day and Edit button;
  • Click Create button;
  • Choose the currencies by clicking From and To;
  • Enter the rate.
  • To add additional rates press the Create button and repeat steps 3 and 4.

new currency rate

And if you need to delete any rate, simply press "Delete" button.

Bank accounts

This section allows you to manage the bank accounts that you are using in your organization. To edit or delete the existing bank account just hover the cursor over the row in the table and click appropriate icon that appeared.


Now is the time to see how we can add a new bank account in EasyERP:

  • Click Add button.
  • Enter Nameof the account.
  • Enter IBAN.
  • Select Chart of Accounts.
  • Enter Bank Name;
  • Enter Bank Address;
  • Enter Account Owner;
  • Enter SWIFT Code;
  • Click Save button

create bank account

Payment terms

This section allows you to create the payment terms that you can later use when create invoices, for example. They are just for informational purposes and they are for internal usage in EasyERP. If you will create invoice with 15 days for payment it means that in 15 days after creation of invoice it will be marked with red color if the customer didn’t pay it. But it doesn’t mean that customer can’t pay with the invoice that was sent to him before. For editing or deleting the existing payment term hover the cursor over the payment name and click on the appeared edit or delete icon. After confirmation in browser dialog the payment term will be deleted.


For creating new payment terms please follow the next instructions:

  • Click Add button.
  • Enter Name;
  • Enter Number of days;
  • Press Save button.

Create PAyment terms


Since your business can be located in several countries, EasyERP gives you the option to create that tax form, what is the most appropriate for your business in required country. To edit or delete an already existing tax form hover the cursor over the row in the table and click the needed icon that appeared.


Also you are able to add a new tax form. For that follow the these steps:

  • Click Add button.
  • Enter Tax code;
  • Enter Tax Name;
  • Enter Rate Number.
  • Click Click Set As Default.
  • Press Save button.


Also every desired tax rate can be set as default for further operations.

Default settings

Default settings section is the continuation of "Set default" topic. Here you can bind your accounts to listed operations as default-accounts. To do this, simply choose desired account from the list for every operation.

Accounting categories

All companies have various types of incomes and expenses. EasyERP takes this fact into account and allows your company to classify all its accountings. In the section Accounting Categories you can manage the different types of incomes and expenses. You can add, edit, move, delete them or create new categories.

accounting categories

To add a new category you have just to:

  • Click Add button.
  • Enter Category Name;
  • Choose a Parent Category;
  • Click Create.

fixed assets