Leeds reports

In the EasyERP Leads represent the potential customers that are interested in your products or services. Reports from this section are very useful for your sales department. EasyERP reports module provides you with several reports, that will fulfill any analytic need. Most of these reports have the structure that it is similar to the Employees reports. This means that most of the columns in reports are the same, the information will be sorted by different criteria depending on the report. So the common columns are:

  • Name – in this column, you will see a title of the lead, which salesperson inputs this when he is creating the lead
  • Stage – information in this column will describe on what stage the lead is currently on
  • Priority – how important this lead is to your company. Could be hot, medium or cold
  • Salesperson – who is assigned for the current lead
  • Source – data from this field shows you what is the source of the lead, where it came from
  • Country – the origin country of the lead.

You can create several reports with fields and group them by:

  • Stage
  • Priority
  • Assignee
  • Source
  • Country

Also, in the EasyERP reports module, there are two additional leads reports. First one is all columns mentioned above plus the contact information of the lead, it’s called With contact info. The second is named Extended report. Basically, it is the report that includes all information that is tied to the lead, the additional columns are:

  • Expected revenue – this information shows the possible amount of money that the salesperson expects to receive from this lead
  • Job position – data in this field displays the job position of the contact person who is mentioned in the lead
  • Creation date  – date when the lead was created
  • Tags – any text mark for the lead
  • Date of birth – when was the potential customer born
  • Sales team – sales team that the person who had created the lead belongs to
  • Expected closing – this date is set by the person who had created the lead, it is a forecasted date of finishing the deal.