Employees reports

It is always a good practice to be familiar with your employees. Often just chatting with them near the coffee machine is not enough. You need to analyze all accessible information about them. Just for that reason, EasyERP reports module includes employees reports. These reports are structured a bit different from previous reports. But don’t worry we will guide you through. So, you have several reports that show essentially the same data but sorted by different parameters. Types of information that could be shown in these reports are:

  • Image – miniature photo of the employee
  • Name – this column will contain the name of your worker
  • Work email – if you have work emails, this would be the field where they will be displayed
  • Personal email – private email box of your employee
  • Mobile phone – personal phone number of the worker
  • Work phone – if you have work phone numbers, they would display here
  • Skype – Skype contact
  • Department – information in this column will show in what department does this particular employee work
  • Job position – current job position of the worker
  • Manager – the person who is in charge of the current employee
  • Nationality – the nationality of your employee
  • Home Address – the home address of your worker
  • Date of birth – when was your employee born
  • Age – how old is your worker
  • Source – data from this column shows you how did employee get into your company
  • Status – this field will inform you about marital status of your worker, is he married or unmarried
  • Employment type – on what terms your employee was hired
  • Gender – male or female
  • Job type – what kind of work does employee do
  • FB – Facebook link
  • LI – LinkedIn profile page
  • Username – login name of the current user
  • Hired – the date when the employee was hired
  • Fired – this date shows when the employee was fired.

A lot of information, right? Don’t forget, one of the great features of the EasyERP is reports module. You can include just a few of these columns into your report. So it would not be crammed with unnecessary information.

Moving on, you can filter all the mentioned information by the following criteria, you are already familiar with them because they are the same as some columns:

  • By department
  • By job position
  • By gender
  • By marital status
  • By employment type
  • By job type
  • By manager
  • By source
  • By hired period
  • By fired period.

One additional report is Extended report. Simply put it is the all same columns and information that is displayed in other Employee reports but not sorted by any criteria.