Create and edit a report

In order to create a report in EasyERP reports module click on the New button on the Reports page. On this dialog, you can customize the report as you wish. Don’t worry, it’s not hard, we will guide you through the process. When you will open create report menu you will see following window:

EasyERP create and edit a report

First, you need to select the time range for the report. To do so, click on the calendar icon, this dropdown list will be shown:EasyERP reports datepicker

This instrument may be familiar to you, it is widely used in EasyERP. You can select one of the preinstalled time periods, or input a custom date.

Next step is to name your report. The good rule of thumb is to give descriptive names for reports you create. You may also add a description below, this field is optional.

EasyERP reports name

Then you have to decide who will be able to view your report. If you wish to make this report available only for you, check the Private checkbox. Leaving it unchecked makes the report available to everybody who has access to Reports module.

You can change the type of report. By default, the type of order is set to Sales by product report. As we have mentioned before, currently, there are five groups of reports available: sales, inventory, employees, persons, companies, leads, opportunities reports. After selecting the report type, it’s time to customize and manage the report.

You can customize the report by including or excluding columns. The number and type of available columns vary, depending on the type of report. Now it is up to you, select the columns you wish to see in your report. You can do that by marking the checkbox to the right of a column name. Or, you can press Check all button to include all columns in your report.

EasyERP reports check all

A great feature of the EasyERP reports module is that you can change the order of these columns too. Simply drag-n-drop them, like you do with icons on your desktop, or as you can see here:

EasyERP reports drag n drop

That’s it, all you need to do for completing the process is to click Create button at the bottom right corner of the menu. The newly created report will be shown on top of the list. Simply click on it to open.

Even when the report is finished you can customize it, for example, you can swap columns. To change positions of the columns just drag-n-drop them. EasyERP allows you export your reports to PDF, CSV or XLSX format. It can be done by clicking on the corresponding icons at the top of the report table:

EasyERP reports export