Purchase payments

Purchase payments section of the Purchases module is a register of all financial payments made by your company to your suppliers. It is automatically gathered from purchase invoices that have been paid. It shows payments in the list, and a total amount of money calculated in your default currency. Here is the full list of all information which you can find here:

  • Which agent is assigned to and responsible for this operation
  • Company, which you are dealing with
  • Type of document through which transaction conducts
  • Which bank account was used
  • The amount of paid money
  • The amount of money spent on bank expenses
  • Date when transaction has been conducted
  • Type of transaction

EasyERP: purchases payments

It is not possible to do much of work with purchase payments here. All you can do is to delete payments which you’ve mistakenly created on invoices or entered the wrong data so you need to reverse it. When payment is deleted the corresponding invoice changes its status to “Unpaid” or “Partially paid”. Also, you can open payments detail by clicking on it. There you can Refund your Payment by pressing Refund button in Payments detail menu.

EasyERP: purchase payment refund

This action will open another window where you can create Purchase payment refund. Afterward, the list will update and you will see a new Refund Payment in it.

EasyERP: Purchase payment create refund


Also, as in every list in EasyERP, you can sort payments list. Use clickable column titles, and sort it in ascending or descending order. This will greatly alleviate your search.