Stock correction

In this menu you can adjust the number of items you have registered in EasyERP inventory management system. You will probably have to do this procedure sometimes to input correct data after inventorization or in any other case when the actual number of products differs from number in EasyERP.

Stock corrections should not be used to add bought products or remove shipped products – goods should always be received into stock according to a purchase order and removed from stock for sales by shipping goods-out notes.

When you open it up you will see the list of all last stock corrections, and the button New, at the top. If you press it  a new correction will be created. You can also press on any of the corrections that did take place before to see detailed information on them. If you decided to roll back the correction you don’t have to create another one to fix that, you can simply delete it.


As you can see there are 4 columns:

  • Date – the exact date and time when stock correction was done, in format: date, month, year, and time;
  • Reason – why the stock correction occurred;
  • Warehouse – on which one of your warehouse did stock editing happen;
  • Adjusted By – who did the correction.

You can also sort this corrections by pressing on the column identifier. They can be sorted in ascending and descending order. To switch the order of sorting simply press on the column identifier again.

New correction

To create a new stock correction, you will have to press the blue button on top of the menu, and afterwards this window will open:


And now fill in these fields:

  • Warehouse - click on the Select word to display all your warehouses registered in EasyERP, and chose one of them;
  • Location - click Select to show all of the locations on your Warehouse, and select the needed one;
  • Description - fill in the field with a reason why did stock correction happen;
  • Add an item - if you click on this label, the list of your products which are located in warehouse and location you entered before will appear, select which one of them needs to be corrected;
  • On hand - after you selected a product a number will appear in this column. It will show how many of this item is registered in your system at this moment. You can’t change this number.
  • Cost (per unit) - how much does one unit of selected product costs;
  • New Value - you can manually input actual quantity of selected product here;
  • Quantity adjusted - the number in this column shows the difference between actual quantity of product and the number that is stored in EasyERP;
  • Add an item - you can adjust the amount of many products at the same time. To add one more to adjust press this button.

New Value and Quantity adjusted fields are connected, so you will have to fill in only one of them, it is your choice. If you will fill in New Value field then the adjustment value will appear in Quantity adjusted field and vice versa. After all this steps window should look like this:


When all fields are completed, press Create button. This will finish the Stock Correction procedure.

Correction details

You may have a need to remind yourself of any stock correction procedures that happened. To give you all information that is possible EasyERP has the “Correction Details” menu. This menu will open only for operations that already happened, if you have no stock correction activity, you will have to create a new one.

In the main Stock correction menu you will see only date when did correction apply, reason, warehouse, and the name of the person who did this operation. To view detailed information about the stock correction simply press on the needed row. You will see a window like this:


As you can see additional information displayed here is:

  • Description;
  • Products;
  • Amount of adjustment.

For a detailed description of this fields please visit the New correction section. Please note that you cannot edit this data, you can only view it.

Delete correction

If you decided to delete a correction then you have to keep in mind that all the changes that were made in it will roll back. If that is what you want then simply check the box left to the correction regardless are you in the main correction menu or in the correction details window. Also, note that if you want to select all the items on the page, simply check the box in the column identifier in the main menu. If you do any of these actions, button “New” will change to “Delete”, as shown here.


All you have to do to finish the delete operation is to press the “Delete” button and confirm action in the browser dialogue window.