WooCommerce inventory management

WooCommerce is used around the world from Australia to the United States. This E-commerce platform was built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Nowadays WooCommerce is powering roughly 30% of all online stores globally. The plugin itself has nearly 11 million downloads.

WooCommerce comes bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments), BACS for bank transfers, and even cash on delivery for accepting payments.

It is one of four E-commerce platforms which can be connected to EasyERP. Other three include Etsy, Magento, and Shopify. This helps users to migrate easily from one shop to another or to store and link products on different E-commerce platforms.WooComerce Іnventory Management

Pros and cons of WooCommerce

Like other E-commerce platforms, WooCoomerce has it’s own good and bad features. We’ll name the main of them so that you can decide if it is worth for you to concentrate on WooCommerce.

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  • Huge open source community of experts who are willing to help.
  • Mountains of helpful resources and documentation available.
  • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress which accounts for 50% of all sites using Content Management System (CMS).
  • There are plenty of free and paid themes to choose from, as well as hundreds of plugins and extensions that allow site owners to extend the functionality of the online stores.
  • The plugin itself is completely free to use.


  • The cost of additional plugins and extensions can start to add up.
  • Your site must already be built with WordPress in order to use WooCommerce.
  • Installing and configuring WooCommerce may be a little tricky for non-techies.
  • Doesn’t include some advanced features out-of-the-box that come standard with more robust E-commerce platforms.

WooComerce Іnventory Management

How to use EasyERP with WooCommerce

To start using EasyERP with WooCommerce you need to proceed a few steps.

1. Create a site using WordPress.

To use WooCommerce plugin you will need a website, based on WordPress. This is quite easy and cheap task, as WordPress is open source and you can download it for free. The process of installation is also aimed at non-programmers and is made as simple, as possible.

2. Install WooCommerce plugin.

You can find WooCommerce in the list of WordPress plugins. The process of installation is also quite easy although there may be small difficulties in the configuration of the plugin.

Obviously, at this point, you must customize WooCommerce according to your needs. It has wide variety of settings and themes. Also, you can buy themes and extensions from 3rd parties.

3. Add items to your store.

For the beginning add a few items to your online store just to check its work. However, we recommend adding items with EasyERP in future.

4. Integration with EasyERP.

After you’ve done all configurations and added some items to your shop it is time to connect with EasyERP. First of all, register on the service and then follow simple instructions to access your personal page. In the menu, you’ll find “Integrations” tab. Fill in all the needed information and sync your WooCommerce with EasyERP.

WooComerce Іnventory Management

Advantages of using WooCommerce with EasyERP

WooCommerce gives users the ability to sell anything (physical and digital goods). The number of products is unlimited. You can add coupons and discounts to your item and get analytical reports of the sales. WooCommerce also has the ability to adjust shipping rates and taxes.

EasyERP today ERP is fast growing IT solution for E-commerce. It contains CRM, HRM, Purchases, Inventory, Expenses, Reports, Accounting.

As you see EasyERP expands WooComerce functionality a lot. With it, you get not only CRM but also ERP systems control.

Now let’s concentrate more on the combination of WooCommerce and EasyERP.


As was mentioned above EasyERP works not only with WooCommerce but also with Etsy, Magento, and Shopify. This gives us few possibilities.

First of all, there is product migration tool. It was designed to save time and simplify the retailer’s and businessman’s life. The easy and powerful tool allows you to export/import products from/to Shopify, Magento, ETSY or Woocommerce. The helpful tips will assist you on 3-steps workflow.

Also, synchronization allows you to keep track of your sales, orders, and invoices. For example, if something sells on WooCommerce the system will automatically delete that product from other integrated platforms.

WooComerce Іnventory Management

Inventory Management

EasyERP allows you to get all your inventory in one place. It also gives user possibility to auto sync inventory, operate Multi Warehouse and increase inventory turnover.

WooComerce Іnventory Management

Stock Level Updates

As a businessman, you could get into situations when you ordered too many goods or couldn’t fill the client’s order because you missed the needed items. EasyERP deals with the problems of over-stock and out-of-stock. It keeps track of all your goods synchronizing your orders with the storage numbers. As a result, you can see the real life picture of your online shop anytime. Besides EasyERP will send you notifications about ending of some items.

With EasyERP you can also keep track of your own purchases. Items received from suppliers will automatically be updated in the storage. As a result, you get a much more fluent process of work with your products.

WooComerce Іnventory Management

Work with customers

WooCommerce has some special tools to work with customers. However, you’ll need to install extensions in order to gain more complicated tasks. For instance, if you would like to get consumers from few stores into one database you’ll need some skills.

EasyERP deals with it easily. Using this service you can keep track of all you clients. And even more: you can create special profiles for them and add all needed information to it including social media pages, phone numbers, date of birth, shipping and billing addresses, work information, etc. Also, you have the ability to simply leave a note or attach some file to the profile of a customer.

It is very convenient and opens up a lot of target marketing research possibilities. The cool thing is, that you don’t even need to enter most of the information manually. It saves automatically in your database, right after a customer have placed an order. Also, you can access the catalog of your customer just by pressing a button.WooComerce Іnventory Management


As you see WooCommerce is a good tool for selling items. However, it is not enough if you plan on expanding your business. Here is where EasyERP appears. It helps to maintain few E-commerce platforms at once, deal with your non-selling issues and after all makes your life as an entrepreneur much easier.

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