Payments management

Payments handling

All the payments made on orders in Shopify can be downloaded into EasyERP. What you have to do is in your Shopify shop go to Settings/Payments/Payment authorization and turn on "Automatically capture payment for orders" option. This means that customer will be charged automatically in the end of order creation, though checkouts will be automatically uploaded to EasyERP.


Why can`t it be done through "Manually capture payment orders"? Well, it can be done, but the point is that you can`t charge your customer through EasyERP, since he enters information about his payment method (in our case - credit card) in Shopify, so this information is available only there, it`s a security issue. But, of course, even after manually charging customer in Shopify, payment checkout will be automatically uploaded to EasyERP during closest synchronzation.

Multi-currency and multi-store

EasyERP allows you to use different currencies in the system while you can have only one default currency that will be fulfilled in every place where it is mentioned. It means that you can have online stores that use different currencies and all products will be managed properly from one place on EasyERP. You just need to create price lists for every currency that is used on your Shopify storefronts and in your business.

Example: You have one store in USA and one in Canada. Now you are expanding and growing your business and open additional Shopify stores in UK, Germany and Japan. To manage all operations with currencies and finances you need mark as active the following currencies in EasyERP from predefined list:

  1. US dollar for USA;
  2. Canadian dollar for Canada;
  3. British pound for UK;
  4. Euro for Germany;
  5. Yen for Japan.

Then you need to create price lists for every currency you have added before. When you are adding new ecommerce channel into EasyERP then it is required to select price list with that currency that is default on Shopify store. So if you have euro on Shopify you need to set euro price list for this channel. No need to worry that your latest 2000 euro Macbook Pro will be stored in EasyERP with price at 2000 Hungarian forints. Simply select euro price list and all product prices will be recorded as euro for this channel during every synchronization or publishing. The purpose of this Shopify introduction is to protect you from such possible situations. So please read carefully and we will try to explain everything as good as possible.

You can use different basic currency on your Shopify store and on EasyERP, it will work properly if you link each Shopify channel to the right price list.

Let’s, in addition, have a quick look at multi-store management. You can add as many Shopify channels as you want, there’s no restriction. The only limit is technical resources required for managing huge amount of Shopify stores. In previous example you were expanding your ecommerce business and opened three additional stores in Germany, UK and Japan. It’s very easy to add new channel for each country. You just need to fill in few fields, enter credentials to your Shopify store and select warehouse, location and price list for this channel, just like it`s described in Settings/Integrations. And that’s all.