As was written before in this Shopify introduction and overview Shopify platform has some limitations. Now is the time to list the most known limitations so you can understand and manage Shopify integration with EasyERP properly. Below you can see some most mentioned Shopify limitations, there’s no importance order because is it limit or not depends on your business needs.

  • One product can not have more than 100 variants. In real ecommerce it can happen rarely but technical limitation exists. Workaround for this can be usage Line Item Properties, more information about this you can find on internet because it is out of our Shopify introduction & overview;
  • One product can not have more than 3 options (for example, size, color and material, and that’s all);
  • Only one collection for products. You can “organize” your products on Shopify store using tags.
  • Only one currency for one store. If you want to use one more currency then you need to create new Shopify store;
  • No multi-store. Only one store per one Shopify account is allowed;
  • No product bundles. You can’t create bundles on Shopify store or upload them there. But there are some workarounds that can be found on internet;
  • No product location. Shopify doesn’t give you ability to see where product is stored – no warehouse, no location, nothing.
  • No refinements, only by tags. If you want to refine your products on Shopify storefront then you have to add tags to each of them;
  • No multi-country. For each country you need to create separate store on Shopify;
  • No custom fields for products or customers. For example, if you want to add Year attribute to your product there is no ability to do this. Again you can use tags to bypass this limitation;
  • One tax per one product. You can’t set up different prices for product based on the different country locations. For example, no ability set tax at 15% for Ohio and at 25% for California states in USA for one and the same T-Shirt.

Of course, there are other limitations, probably more interesting for developers. Such as no ability for input/output, you can’t get the input from user, no web requests, no calls to database, no random or time-based calculations and so on. But it is not in the scope of this Shopify overview. Workarounds, tricks and hacks you can unearth on the web if you will not find any 3rd party solutions for your business case.