Payment management

Payments handling

The EasyERP multi-channel system allows you to automatically download payments from Magento. This is a very handy tool for any e-commerce merchant, we do not have to tell you all of the benefits of this. It will be mostly effective when you are using several marketplaces. So you can gather all of the payments in one place.

If you have already established an integration channel between EasyERP and Magento, then all payments will automatically download. But, keep in mind, that this process will only download automatic payments. These are the payments that are made without any intervention from the Magento administrator panel. To configure all of your payment methods in Magento, go to Stores -> Configuration, as you can see here:

settings magento payments

Now access the Sales -> Payment methods page. Here you will see all of the possible payment methods that are installed in your Magento store. We will not go into the details of the configuration of these methods. All you need to know is to set Payment Action to Sale.

magento payment action configuration

This means that when the customer enters his payment information and presses the order button, he will be charged immediately. And this option allows EasyERP to download all the payments.


Refund - is the operation when you are returning cash for the product if your customer has returned it. The legal condition of these type of returns vary depending on the country, so you will have to look them up on your own.

Refunds are downloaded from Magento to EasYERP the same way as the payments are being imported from. We hope that you will not have to do a lot of them, but you have to know how it is done if it is required. This can be an unpleasant procedure because you are giving away money, but you have to provide them to satisfy the needs of your customers.

First thing first, you can create a refund in the EasyERP system manually, but it won’t be exported to Magento, and the customer won’t receive the cash. Because EasyERP does not work w

ith any of the payment services directly.  Manual creation of the refund was added, in case you have sold and refunded an order from another source, that is not one of your integration channels.

So, if your customer has informed you that he wants a refund, and you agreed to give him the money back, you have to create a refund. The correct way to create a refund you using EasyERP and Magento is to create a refund directly in the Magento administrator panel. In order to do that go to Sales -> Orders.

orders in magento

Now, select an Order you want to refund. Please note, that only complete (invoiced) purchases can be refunded. Next, go to View -> Credit Memo. Scroll down and you will see a refund button.  That’s all you have successfully refunded a payment.

creation of a refund

After that, this operation will be downloaded to the EasyERP and all of the necessary order adjustments and accounting operations will be done for you.  In order to check the refunds you can open up the payments module:refund from magento in easyerp

Multi-currency and multi-store

EasyERP has the capabilities to manage several currencies in the system. So you can connect several online shops that use a different currency, and manage them fluently from the EasyERP master system. All you have to do is add the needed currency to the EasyERP in the Settings -> Accounting and create a separate price list for that marketplace.
For example, You have several online shops in the, let’s say, the USA, UK, and China. Without EasyERP you would need to manage every one of them separately, constantly calculating the currency. Don’t forget that you have to write down all of the revenue and profits, also keep up the accounting. This is no easy task, let us assure you. Luckily for you, there is EasyERP to solve all of this problems. You don’t even need to check the currency rates, EasyERP will do that for you. Every time there is a need in the multicurrency operation, EasyERP will adjust the currency rates automatically.