Magento shipping profiles is a very useful tool that can free you from many unnecessary actions, and make the business run easier. You are interested to give your customers full information about shipping process so they can be satisfied with the purchase and return to your shop again and again. Shipping method contains information about prices, terms, limitations and possible countries of arrival.

That’s why, EasyERP also implements this feature. In addition, all the shipping methods are imported from Magento to EasyERP in full amount. Without any hidden catches. All of the shipping information that you have input in your Magento store will be exported to the EasyERP right after you have established an integration channel.

Let’s break it down, step by step. At first, you will have to create a shipping method in your Magento administrator panel. In order to achieve this, please go to Stores -> Configuration.

settings magento payments

Next, select sales on the left menu and click on Shipping Methods. This menu will open:

magento shipping

Shipping profiles are used to configure and store all information required to ship an order to a customer. It is used to show the customer the total price of the order, including shipment and packaging prices. There are several kinds of shipping methods accessible in the Magento, all of them can be important in EasyERP. So these methods are:

  • Flat rate;
  • Free shipping;
  • Table rates;
  • UPS;
  • USPS;
  • FedEx;
  • DHL.

So, once you have created shipping methods you can integrate your Magento shop with EasyERP and get all of your methods on the first occurring synchronisation.

A good practice will be to create a separate expense account for each shipping methods. This is needed for an accounting module of EasyERP.

If you wish to check on your shipping methods, or check did they get imported from Magento and simply view them in EasyERP settings menu, you will see a picture similar to this:

easyerp shipping methods