Integration and initial synchronization

The process of Magento integration, which means integrating your Magento store with EasyERP multichannel management system is as simple and fast as it can be. We have covered the process of initial setup, or in the terms of EasyERP “creating of an integration channel” in the Settings/Integrations chapter. Feel free to read it through for a complete understanding of the process. However, here’s a shorter version for your convenience.

To begin the integration process you will need to create an integration channel in your Magento administrator menu. To do so, please, login to your Magento backoffice, and go to System/Integrations.

magento main menu

Create an integration channel.  At this step, you need to fill in the name, password and select all resource access for the channel. Those are mandatory fields. We will need them further on.

allow access for easyerp magento integration

Now go to EasyERP, to the Settings/Integration, press the Add Channel button at the top. Now tap on the Magento logo and set up the new integration channel there. If you have pressed everything right, this menu will open:

easyerp magento integration menu

Here you will need to fill in all fields with the following data:

  • Channel name – any name you like;
  • Base URL – address of your Magento shop;
  • API username – login to your backoffice;
  • API password – corresponding password;

At the bottom of the form, select a warehouse, location and a price list. That is it, you have added a Magento integration channel to the EasyERP multichannel management system. Don’t forget that this process is explained in detail in the Settings/Integrations chapter. So if you have any questions feel free to read it through.

Note: you can not create more than one channel for a single Magento store.