How is my Magento store better with EasyERP?

With EasyERP you can keep all products, sales orders, inventory/stock, shipment updates, customers data from all your Magento store or multiple stores in one place. You can benefit from additional features that aren’t available in Magento but are in EasyERP, e.g. invoice generation or multiple accounts.


Can I connect multiple Magento accounts to EasyERP?

Yes, definitely. EasyERP supports multiple sales channels integration. You can connect with as many different Magento stores as you wish, as well as other platforms supported.


How does EasyERP handle accounting?

EasyERP comprises the separate and fully functioning accounting module, interlinked with all other elements of organizational profile. While in Magento you have no accounting possibilities, this comes as one of the benefits of integrating with EasyERP. Our accounting module has all the crucial financial entities in it, find more details in Accounting guide.


Do I need developer knowledge to integrate my Magento store?

On the contrary, you will be able to set up a connection between your Magento shop and EasyERP in minutes if you just read carefully and have basic PC user skills. To integrate both systems and to work with it, you don’t have to have technical training or programming knowledge.


How long does integration process take?

Usually about few minutes. All you need is to have the active store on Magento and its credentials - URL, API key, and password. Find more details in Integration guide [>>link<<]

Integration & Synchronization


How do I integrate my Magento store with EasyERP?

To integrate your Magento store with EasyERP at first create an integration channel in your Magento administrator account. To do so log in to your Magento back office, and go to System/Integrations. To start the integration on the EasyERP side please follow next steps. Press the add channel button, as we covered in the New integration chapter, and select Magento. Fill in the form and your integration will be finished.


Can I create two or more channels for the same Magento store?

No, only one channel per one Magento shop.


What is a master system and which one should it be?

In complex software systems or integrated tool, a master system is usually determined and set up to have the unidirectional control over actions of all systems/elements. In the case of EasyERP and Magento store integration, EasyERP is defined as the master system that has a higher priority and offers a much wider range of back-office systems.


Does EasyERP automatically sync with Magento?

Yes, EasyERP does automatically synchronize with integrated sales channels every 15 minutes. Though you can perform the synchronization anytime, to initiate it manually go to your Settings -> Integrations page and click the Sync button in the top-right corner.


What data is synchronized?

Products (and their matching data), variants, sale orders, inventory, customers, and payments are synchronized under the EasyERP-Magento integration.


Does data transfer both ways while syncing?

Synchronization process works in both ways only for products. Orders, customers, and inventory are transferred only one way - from Magento to EasyERP.


What is ‘Conflicted products’?

This number in your connected sales channel displays how many products have conflicts, e.g. when a product from Magento has the same SKU as a product in EasyERP. You can click on this section, see what is the reason of conflict (marked in red color) and select the resolution: skip, duplicate or merge.


What is ‘Unlinked orders’?

This number in your connected channel displays how many orders imported from Magento have no matching products in EasyERP stock. This means those products only exist in your Magento store or don’t exist at all. You can click on this section and see what are those exact orders (marked in red color).


What is a ‘Listing’?

Listing is the number of products synchronized with a selected channel.


How to avoid conflicts and duplicates during integration?

We recommend to specify proper product names, SKUs, product types/categories, descriptions, as well as remove any test data on both sides prior to the integration process. Also,  selecting the price list with same currency as the one that was set on your Magento store is crucial.


Can I edit/change channel details after it is connected?

Yes, to edit the connected channel, click ‘Settings’ icon in the far-right corner of the channel, and there you can edit channel name, change another warehouse/location, set a bank account to accept payments, etc. Here you may also delete the channel.


Where in EasyERP can I see products imported from my Magento shop?

Go to Inventory -> Products, where in the list of all products you can see icons marking the sales channel(s). You can also sort products by specified imported channel.

Inventory management

What will happen if I rename the product in EasyERP?

It will be renamed in all of your currently connected shops, including Magento.


What will happen if I change the SKU of the product in EasyERP?

The SKU will be changed in all of your currently connected shops, including Magento.


What will happen if I change the price of the product in EasyERP?

The price will be changed in all of your currently connected shops, including Magento.


What will happen if I change the quantity of the product in EasyERP?

The stock levels will be changed in all of your currently connected shops, including Magento.


What will happen if I change the picture of the product in EasyERP?

The picture will be changed in all of your currently connected shops, including Magento.


What happens when I create a new product in EasyERP if I am synchronized with Magento?

This action will create a product in the EasyERP database, it will not be exported to Magento automatically, you will have to export it manually, by tapping the Publish to channel button.


What happens when I create a new product in Magento if I am synchronized with EasyERP?

This will create a new product in EasyERP after automatic or manual synchronization.


What happens when I delete a product in EasyERP if I am synchronized with Magento?

This product will be deleted from EasyERP temporarily, adding again to the EasyERP after first occurring synchronization. To prevent this, you will have to unpublish a product from Magento channel first.


What happens when I delete a product in Magento if I am synchronized with EasyERP?

The product will be created again, after first occurring synchronization with EasyERP. To prevent this, you will have to unpublish a product from Magento channel in EasyERP.


What will happen if I move a product to Draft or set to Inactive in Magento if this product is synchronized with EasyERP?

The product will not be visible in your Magento store to your customers, but nothing will change in the EasyERP.


What does unpublish button do in the EasyERP?

It deletes a product from your Magento shop, it will still remain in your EasyERP database.


Where can I see a list of all my products imported from Magento in EasyERP?

Go to Inventory > Products and sort all available products by imported channel.


How to publish products from EasyERP to Magento?

Go to Inventory > Products. Press the publish to channel button there, then select a channel and a price list, afterward select a product or products you want to publish and press Publish.


When I publish a product what does the choice of the channel means?

The choice of integration channel influences the choice of shop, where this product will be published.


When I publish a product what does the choice of the price list means?

The price list you have chosen will determine the price of the current product.


Can I create several price lists for one shop?

Yes, you can. You can create an unlimited number of price lists in the Settings -> Product configuration -> Price Lists. This can be useful for some kind of seasonal discounts, for example.


How long does the publish to channel procedure take?

It is done just in a few seconds.


Can I publish one product to different channels?

Yes, you can. To do so, simply repeat the publishing procedure. You cannot publish one product to the same store twice, but there is no limitation on how many stores you can publish a product.


Can a product be moved to Draft on set Inactive in EasyERP, like it can be in Magento?

This function is not available in EasyERP. But you can unpublish a product from Magento, this way it will be saved in EasyERP and will be deleted in Magento.


Where can I see on what channel is my product published?

Go to Inventory -> Products and see the Channel column. The icon there will resemble on what channel is your product published.


How to completely delete a product from all my stores?

All necessary actions can be done from EasyERP Inventory -> Products. First, unpublish the product from channels, then delete it from EasyERP.


Can I import products from a Magento CSV file?

Yes, you can, but you will have to import in your Magento administrator panel, and then automatically or manually synchronize with EasyERP.


How often does automatic synchronization with Magento occur?

It is done every 15 minutes.


What does a duplicate product mean?

It means that one physical product is displayed more than once in your shop.


Can I create duplicate products on purpose?

Yes, you can. To do so create two identical products in EasyERP and then publish both of them to Magento.


How does EasyERP deal with duplicates?

EasyERP has a tool to deal with duplicates. It is the Resolve conflicts button in Settings -> Integration menu. You can skip, duplicate or merge the duplicate products there.


What is a conflict in EasyERP?

Conflicts in EasyERP are the products that were imported from any channel and have the same name and SKU as the one that is already existent in EasyERP.


What does the skip option in "Resolve conflict" menu do?

It deletes information about the imported product and will only save the listing that already has been registered in EasyERP multichannel inventory management system.


What does the duplicate option in "Resolve conflict" menu do?

It creates another product with the same SKU, as one that is already existing in EasyERP. Do this at your own risk, because this can bring more mistakes than solve.


What does the merge option in "Resolve conflict" menu do?

It overwrites the existing product with information that has been imported.


Can I use third-party apps with EasyERP and Magento?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend this action. It can produce unwanted consequences.

Order management

How do orders from Magento get imported to EasyERP?

All orders placed on your Magento store will be imported into EasyERP with every synchronization event. You can see all of them in CRM -> Orders section. You can see a sales channel where an order came from, customer name, date and processing status. From there on you can process sales orders according to your business environment.


What happens if the order is paid in Magento?

The order will come with “In progress” status and you won’t be able to see the payment, as payments are not automatically created in this case in EasyERP. Payments and invoices are only created manually in EasyERP. During synchronization, only the data in the order itself is imported. Automatic creation of payments is going to be implemented in next versions of EasyERP.


How do I see order status updates?

While EasyERP is your central order management and processing system in integration with Magento, the updates on orders status work one way only. Order status updates made in Magento will be reflected in EasyERP, but order updates made in EasyERP will not update Magento.

What is the usual workflow for orders from a Magento store?

Generally, the order management process looks like this: a sales order comes from Magento, EasyERP imports order details, a user in EasyERP allocates and fulfills an order, a user in EasyERP confirms a payment, an order is shipped and closed.


What about shipping systems/methods?

EasyERP will import all of your shipping methods from Magento. Later on, when you decide to create some new products, you will have to choose a shipping method for it, while publishing the product.


Are draft orders from Magento imported too?

No, only active orders (with paid or pending status on Magento) are imported into EasyERP.


What information does an order in EasyERP contain?

Orders in EasyERP contain order ID number, company info, customer name and info, order date and due date, items ordered, a number of items, price per unit, taxes applied, the total amount to be paid, order processing status, billing/account details, notes, and history.


What is order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment means the progress of sales interaction through the means of the EasyERP system, from order placement in Magento to products delivery to a customer. In EasyERP we have 3 basic stages of order processing: Allocated, Fulfilled, Shipped. Order fulfillment suggests picking the ordered products, preparing them for shipping, and creating the goods-out note for an order. In every order, there is the Fulfill order button with further options.


Is partial order fulfillment possible?

Yes, for instance, you may give a command to fulfill an order but ship it later, or fulfill only certain items from an order with multiple products ordered.


What if an order gets canceled by the customer?

Magento platform does not have order cancellation functionality. So an order can be canceled in EasyERP, as it is your master system anyway. If you go to order edit tab you can use the status button to change order status to ‘Cancelled’. This order update will not be updated in Magento store because orders are synchronizing only in one direction - from Magento to EasyERP. Items from a canceled order become available again in stock.


What is a goods-out note?

This is the document located in Inventory section, confirming order fulfillment, which can also be sent along with the order. It contains all the required data: order ID, tracking reference, print/email options, delivery note.


Can I invoice the order?

Yes, in EasyERP when you go to order details there is the Receive invoice button that upon clicking generates a sales invoice for accounting purposes.


Can EasyERP import payments from Magento shop?

EasyERP multichannel inventory management system can track payments from Magento shop.


What payment methods can be imported to EasyERP from Magento?

All the methods that are accessible from Magento, credit cards, Paypal, Amazon payments, Apple pay.


Where can I check what payments are accessible in my country?  

You can check what types of payments are available in your country in the Magento documentation.


What does automatic authorization of payment mean?

It means that when the customer enters the data of his credit card the money will be automatically charged from the customer.


What does manual payment method?

It means that when the customer sends you the money some other way, not via some of the payment systems that are registered in Magento you will have to manually check the order as paid.


Is the current payment system a final version?

The current version of the EasyERP multichannel inventory management system is not final and will be updated.


How do I receive a payment in EasyERP?

Go to Edit and receive invoice menu by tapping the corresponding button at the top of the order menu. From this menu, you can accept the money in the EasyERP multichannel inventory management system. To do so press the Receive Invoice button.

Listings & Settings

Where can I add a sales channel, edit it in EasyERP?

Navigate to Settings main menu -> Integrations. There you can add new channels and edit the existing ones.


What is a ‘Listing’?

Listing is the number of products synchronized with a selected channel.


How to properly use ‘Resolve conflicts’ feature?

As you click on ‘Resolve conflicts’ (Settings -> Integrations) you see the list of conflicting products for all connected channels to decide upon. Three options available here: Skip, Merge, Duplicate. You can resolve conflicts one by one separately or in bulk with single action.


What is ‘Conflicted products’?

This shows the number of products in connected sales channels conflicting with the ones in EasyERP.


What is ‘Unlinked orders’?

This show the number of orders in  connected channels that have no matching products in EasyERP stock.


How is the synchronization process set up?

It is set to happen every 15 minutes. It works in both directions: data from Magento to EasyERP, and vice versa.


Can I change the automatic synchronization period?

No, but you can force the synchronization manually using the Sync button.