Etsy shipping profiles is a great tool that can make your business run much more easier, and give your customers all the information that they need to buy from you again and again. EasyERP also uses this feature to make your shipping experience as comfortable as it can be. In this topic we will describe how exactly it is used in EasyERP and Etsy.

Shipping profiles are used to configure and store all information required to ship an order to a customer. It is used to show the customer the total price of the order, including shipment and packaging prices. You can create a custom profile for every product type, or for each product individually.

There are two types of shipping profiles in Etsy, both of them work with EasyERP. You can choose between automatic calculation of the shipping cost, or manually set it for each country. If you have chosen the first one, Etsy will calculate the prices of shipping for you, depending on the location of your customer. The automatic option works only if your business is located in the USA, for the rest of the world only manual option is available. So, here is the list of data that a shipping method stores:

  • Shipping origin – the country of your business or your source warehouse. In other words, it’s the country from which you will send your products;
  • Processing time – amount of time that you need to react to the order and send the package;
  • Shipping costs – how much does it cost to send the product to the selected country;
  • Profile name – the identifier of the current profile.

To use shipment profiles you will have to create them first. This is pretty easy task, all you have to do is follow this short instruction or read the documentation by Etsy.

In order to create shipments in the Etsy administrator panel you will have to go to Your shop/Listings/Shipping settings. Here is a visual tip:


A menu opens, where you need to press the Add Shipping Profile button at the bottom of the page. In the next window you will have to type in all the required information and press the Save profile button at the bottom of the page.

But how does it work with EasyERP, you may ask. All shipping profiles are imported through your Etsy integration channel and tied to it. So when you sell an item on Etsy, but you do all the back-office processing in EasyERP, the shipping profiles will still be used and a buyer will know how much does he has to pay for the delivery.

One more way you may use shipping profiles for the benefit of your company is when you create a product in EasyERP and then publish it to Etsy. In this case you will engage the possibilities of shipping profiles to its fullest extent. Let’s assume you have created a product in EasyERP and have an integration channel up and running. How do you publish it to Etsy with a shipping profile attached? Press the Publish to channel button in the Inventory menu. Afterwards select a Etsy channel and specify a profile:


Please note, that you can access the Etsy menu, where you can create a shipping profile from the shortcut, by tapping on the plus icon. Afterwards just proceed with the publishing procedure, select the products that you would like to export and press the Publish button at the top to finish the procedure. That’s all, now your products will be available for purchase in your Etsy shop. When someone will order them, they will get full information about the shipping, that you have entered in the shipping profile beforehand.