Etsy inventory management

Most of the Etsy sellers spend the majority of their time making products, so probably do you. So, you don’t have much time to resolve your problems and have to bear with them. In this article you will find an answer to your Etsy inventory management problems and a great solution to expand business.

Why i need EasyERP with Etsy?

Etsy is the unique marketplace that is most popular in the world of vintage and handmade products. It is a great place for passionate creators, who want to share their talent with the world. Though a lot of people who start their business out on Etsy often hit a so called market ceiling. And stop there.

etsy plus easyerp

There correct way to manage this problem is to find new markets and eventually new customers. Sadly, Etsy doesn’t really support the export of your data to some other marketplace, or your own web page. You can imagine how much time would it take to fill some new store with all the  information about your products, and then you hate to manage two inventories at the same time. If you’re a creator or an artist first and a seller second, or if you’re just want to expand your business, EasyERP can help you continue to sell your goods while we handle the legwork of managing inventory across several shops.

How does it work?

So, picture this. You’re a producer of handmade scarfs. You sell them on Etsy, but you want to expand and sell them on your own Magento or Shopify shop as well. Of course, you are worried about the possible wasted time, that it will take you to manage all the needed inventory management data. You cannot allow this boring business stuff get in way of your passion, creating handmade scarfs.

etsy inventory management

EasyERP can take that task of your hands, so you can focus on making a product you can be proud of. So, in a few easy clicks you will get full inventory in the other marketplace, ready for sale. More to that, each inventory is synchronized, this means that for example one of your scarfs is sold on Etsy, the overall quantity will be deducted by one in all other inventories.

EasyERP is a multi-channel inventory management system and more, with a lot of great features that will allow you to manage your inventory and orders across several shops. But, in this article we will discover the main benefits of EasyERP for the Etsy sellers. Here is the short list of aspects that will help you to run your Etsy inventory management:

  • Easy setup;
  • All functions of Etsy inventory management;
  • Support of purchase process;
  • Product variants;
  • Advanced pricing;
  • Multichannel inventory management and synchronization;
  • Complete support of all business processes;
  • Informational reports.

Easy Setup

First major problem that stands in front of you as an Etsy seller when you decide to integrate with some other marketplace or some other software is the tedious registration and activation procedures. EasyERP is free from all of this, the integration process is just a few steps. And right after you are finished all of your products, orders and customer information will be exported from Etsy to EasyERP.

You do not have to do or adjust anything manually, everything will be done for you. You can read a detailed, step by step instruction here. After that with the same ease you can connect other marketplaces, like Magento and Shopify.

Etsy inventory management, simple and powerful

One of the great benefits of the EasyERP and Etsy integration is that you don’t need to login to your Etsy administrator panel anymore. EasyERP has all of the functionality Etsy has to offer and more. Any instrument you can find in the Etsy inventory management module is present in EasyERP. You can create, edit, delete, hide products, bundles, variants, assign any description, weight and images.

etsy inventory management

SKU support – the brand new feature of Etsy shop, that was asked by many users for a long time is not hot news to EasyERP. We support it from the start of our developing. Also EasyERP inventory management module has several features to present, that are not supported by Etsy, such as different price lists, wide range of reports, low stock value, several different inventory codes(UPC, ISBN,  EAN).

‘Create and manage’ made to purchase products

Another great advantage of EasyERP over the Etsy inventory management is the ability to create and manage purchases. If your products need some materials or other ingredients to create your products then it will be a great tool to have.

For example, let’s say that you have invented some product that is unique and new to the market. To be able to produce it you have bought some materials. But now, when you have finally ready to sell it, you don’t really know what price to set, because Etsy inventory management doesn’t allow to score it in any way. So you try to find every paycheck to calculate how much did you spend to create your product. Sounds dreadful does it?

EasyERP has the purchase module made to solve that problem. You will surely appreciate the ability to create made for purchase items and manage the purchase process the same way you manage sales. This means that you can create a purchase order, invoice and payment. You can read more about that here.


Variants are products that are very similar, but differ one from each other with or few options, like color, for example. Same as Etsy, EasyERP has a powerful instrument to create variants of your products. But with one crucial advantage. Etsy inventory management applies variants to the only preset categories. EasyERP, on the other hand, has an ability to create your own categories. And assign a custom set of variants for that category.

etsy inventory management

This can be very helpful when you have multiple products that differ from each other with one or several parameters. For example cups of different color. You don’t have to create a separate product for each color, all you have to do is to create one product and add some variants. But first you will have to register this variants in the system.

Multi-channel management and synchronization

We have already mentioned this feature before. But it is one of the most prominent qualities of EasyERP. So we will describe it a little bit more. The ability to synchronize your inventory, orders and other data with other shops is a great advantage over your competitors. There is one more trick that we can share with you.

multichannel inventory management

Using EasyERP multichannel inventory management system, you can synchronize several shops on the same marketplace. Let’s say, for example, that you have an Etsy shop. But you have discovered some new product that deserves a separate channel of distribution. But as a good merchant you know that you might sell some of your old products on your brand new channel. So if you use only Etsy inventory management, you would have to copy the your old products from your first shop to a new one. Then, every action that touches old products have to be done on two shops. That doubles your work. Not very convenient is it?

Not only that you can synchronize all your products between different shops using EasyERP, you can manage what products you want to show on what shop and change any property of the product on all shops at the same time.

Multiple warehouses support

Etsy is targeted for the small business, that do not produce or sell a lot of items. But even so, you could have a need for a multiple warehouse support. Or perhaps a concrete way to define where each item has to be. EasyERP inventory management can give you that functions.

etsy inventory management

And yes, there are some extension and apps that can solve that particular problem. But if you will install a different app for every feature that the stock Etsy inventory management system lacks then, in result, you will get a slow bundle of programs, that do not work together. App developers don’t care how does their program potentially may communicate with other apps on the market. If you are willing to install more than one of those programs be prepared to deal with bugs, glitches, and unexpected data loss.

On the other hand, you can connect your Etsy store with EasyERP inventory management system and get multiple warehouse support right away, with other great tools described in this article. One more cool feature, when you are purchasing the product, or transferring it to the other warehouse, you have the possibility to save information about exact room, shelf, place of the item. So it will be much easier to find it later.

Advanced pricing

EasyERP offers the possibility to create some separate price lists. This is a very powerful tool in a right hands. You can create any number of price lists. Then assign this price lists for different place markets and other purposes.

The sky’s the limit for this feature, really. But one of the main application of it is the ability to prepare discounts for different events. For example, you have 100 different products, and you want to make a sale on some occasion. Using Etsy inventory management you would have to set the different price for every product, on the same day you want your sale to begin. Do not forget, that you have to store the original prices somewhere.

advanced pricing in Easyerp

Of course, you can just write them down like shown in a picture above, but, you must agree, it is prehistoric style. On the other hand, if you use EasyERP inventory management module, you could create a price list with discounts beforehand, and set the discounted prices by clicking one button. Keep in mind, that all original prices are saved in your previous price list, and you can change them back as easily.

More about advanced pricing

Also, you could assign different price lists for different marketplaces. For instance, your Etsy shop would have one set of prices and your other shops on Magento or Shopify would have other price lists. This trick gives you or your marketing manager a wide range of actions, that will allow you to guide the customers to buy the most profitable products, for example.

One more feature that Etsy does not support is setting up different prices for various quantities. For example, you are willing to sell your product for a 30$, but if someone wants to buy 10 pieces or more you wish to make a little discount, let’s say 25$ for each. There is simply no way to automate this process using stock Etsy inventory management. In EasyERP it can be done in a few clicks, with a great adaptability, you can set up different prices for up to 5 various quantities.

proudct quantities

Support of all business processes

To run a successful Etsy store you need much more than inventory management software. You will also need the ability to analyze your business, also if you plan to expand your company some HR capabilities will be useful, accounting software and so on. Sadly, Etsy does not support all of this functions, it is just a marketplace with inventory management system. And none of the existing plugins or add-ons can provide that in one package. If you will buy a different software for each of this functions you will spend a lot of money, and it is not a fact that all of this programs will work with each other.  Or you can install EasyERP and get all of that in one package.

Accounting module is one of the core elements of EasyERP, it is internally connected with all of the other modules. So every financial operation will be signed in the general ledger of your company. This feature can be a great help to your accountant.

Generate reports

In terms of any kind of analysis Etsy inventory management has little to offer. It lacks the ability to show important information in an easy to read way. But there is a way to do that, without moving to the other marketplace.

dashboard and reports in EASYERP

EasyERP shines in this field. It provides a wide range of marketing and financial reports that will help you analyze your business and the market. This reports include:

  • Sales by product;
  • Revenue by customer;
  • Sales by month;
  • Revenue by country;
  • Sales by channel;
  • Low stock report;
  • Incoming stock;
  • Stock details;
  • Balance sheet;
  • Profit and loss statement;
  • Cash flow report.

And many more. They will help you determine the best conditions, product for sales and many more financial indicators.