Before you can use Etsy integration and synchronization with EasyERP and all its  advantages you have to build a bridge between them. The process of building that bridge is called creating an integration channel. The following instructions will provide you with all information necessary for that operation.

First things first

Word of advice, no matter are you satisfied or not with your current Etsy orders data, listing, photos and descriptions, it is still valuable and helpful to backup your information into a CSV file. It can help you concentrate your thoughts and energy on business without worrying about data loss. If something happens to your shop, intentionally or not, a CSV file would backup all your information, and it only takes a few clicks. To prepare backup, go to Your shop/Shop Settings/Options/Download Data tab. There you can download CSV for Sale Listings and Orders by clicking on Download CSV button as shown below:


Creating an App

To begin Etsy integration and synchronization with EasyERP, first you need to create an App on Etsy. Don’t worry, you do not need any programming skills or a lot of time, it’s a simple and fast procedure, and here is a step-by-step instruction.

Login into Etsy with your username  and password. Now go to the developers tab - scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the Developers button, as you can see here:


Note: in order to create your app you need to use Etsy Developer account.


Now go to Create a new app in left menu or by using the following link.

The form for creating a new app will open. Here you will enter all necessary information to integrate your Etsy shop in EasyERP. What do you need to type in? First and mandatory field is Name, it can be anything you like, the main purpose of it is to identify your app. Next, you will have to type in some description into Describe your Application field, it will be just a quick reminder and specifier for your app, something like “App to connect with EasyERP”.

etsy channel

And a series of checkboxes that to are mandatory to check, but here we have an exact instruction on which ones to check:


When done, press the blue Save button. Congratulations, you have created an app on Etsy! A window with API key details will be shown next, you will need to write down or copy the  keystring and shared secret which will be displayed in this window:


Note: you have 5000 requests per day initially, if it is not enough for your needs during development, please contact Etsy and ask for more.

That’s it, you have completed the integration process on the Etsy side

Adding new channel

To continue integration process from EasyERP side go back to it, and select Etsy from the Add channel menu in Settings.


After selecting Etsy you have to enter your channel name. This can be any name you like, main purpose of it is to define this particular channel, so if you have several Etsy synchronization channels you would know which one is which. Then press blue Continue button.


Then Create channel menu will be shown:


All of the following fields must be filled as they are all mandatory. First enter your shop name. If you don’t remember the exact name you can always look it up in the address bar in your browser when viewing your shop, or you can open up your Etsy shop at, go to Settings then to Info & Appearance and see it there near Shop Name field.

Afterwards input keystring, and shared secret, that you have saved before. Those are the identifiers of the app, that will connect your Etsy shop to EasyERP.

Next you must select a warehouse, where you will store your products that are listed on Etsy. You can select one from drop down list, or create new one by pressing the Create New button. Then select a location, where you will store your items. This field will be available for input only after you have selected the warehouse.

And now please select a Price list. It will determinate the currency for the channel and whether it will be a supplier channel or not. You can do this from drop down list by selecting one of the already created price lists. Or create a new one by pressing the Create New button, as you can see here:


Last field to fill is the Bank Account. Select one from the list. This will determine which one of your bank accounts, registered in the EasyERP, will receive payments from this sales channel.

To finish up the configuration of the EasyERP synchronization channel with Etsy you need to choose one from two settings:

  • Update shipping status on Etsy - if you switch this on, the order status updates in  EasyERP will be synchronized with Etsy. For example if you have changed some order’s  status to “Shipped”, it will be marked as “Shipped” in Etsy too.
  • Update shipping method on Etsy - this will enable updating of the following data from EasyERP: shipping origin, processing time, fixed shipping costs for different countries, possible shipping upgrades.

It is recommended to switch on these options to fully experience benefits from Etsy integration with EasyERP. 

Long story short, whole process should look pretty much like on this gif:

etsy channel 1

Press Save button to finish the process of creating the integration channel. If you have inputted all the information correctly then Etsy window will pop up. It will request to confirm connection of your account to EasyERP synchronization application. You can revoke this access at any time in your Etsy account.

Note: when using this application, standard fees for creating and changing listings on Etsy apply. If you agree to these terms, press the Allow Access button.


Then EasyERP system will notify you about completion of the process with this message:


Congratulations on your successful integration of Etsy shop into EasyERP!