Customers from your Etsy shop can be imported only in one direction – into EasyERP, there’s no way to export them from EasyERP to Etsy. They will be imported during each synchronization that takes place every 15 minutes. If the customer is new and  does not exist in the system yet, then it creates new one. If some information about the user has been changed then it will be updated. Deleting users from Etsy store will not delete them on EasyERP during synchronization.

Customers from EasyERP are presented as Persons in CRM module in EasyERP.


User can register on Etsy shop using Facebook or Google+ account or in classical way using email. The following user information is stored:

  1. First Name;
  2. Last Name
  3. Email.

You can easily navigate, paginate, search and filter through the persons in EasyERP, even on Person details view you are able to sort and search persons by their properties.


Let us remind you again that changes made on EasyERP will not be exported into Etsy shop during the synchronization. Customers import works only from Etsy store to EasyERP.

The order of synchronization that starts every 15 minutes automatically is following:

  1. Products from EasyERP to Etsy shop;
  2. Inventory from EasyERP to Etsy shop;
  3. Products from Etsy shop to EasyERP;
  4. Customers from Etsy shop to EasyERP;
  5. Orders from Etsy shop to EasyERP;
  6. Payments from Etsy shop to EasyERP.

All orders will be linked properly to customers imported beforehand in EasyERP.  On our side in EasyERP platform we store all types of customers – ones that have purchased some products and placed orders, new customers that have just registered without orders, and guest customers who want to buy product in the easiest way with entering only required information. As mentioned above, all customers from Etsy shop will be stored as Persons in CRM module of EasyERP.