How to use EasyERP with Etsy

We continue sharing accomplishments in area of integrations with ecommerce platforms with you, our customer and tech-savvy entrepreneur. Today’s topic – Etsy integration with EasyERP. “Why Etsy?” – is the question, we feel, that shouldn’t be asked in 2017, as this ecommerce platform proved to be a steaming engine for many to earn a living. So what good does our EasyERP bring here?  

A quick reminder: enabling people to sell handmade, artsy, vintage and crafted things of all kinds imaginable is what made Etsy known and widely popular worldwide. From tiniest accessories to jewelry and even custom musical instruments, Etsy has reached to offer 35 million products on sale. It has 54 million active sellers (members), 25 million shoppers, 86% of Etsy sellers are women, it runs in 83 countries, while returning customers bring up to 80% of sales (DMR Stats, December 2016).

EasyERP, on the other hand, is fresh and dynamic ERP business software system, that includes applications like CRM, Inventory, HRM, Accounting, etc. And now developing integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, Etsy integration among others.

First you have to know the place on Etsy where you access settings, private apps, documentation, etc. When logged in, scroll down to page bottom, and click Developers tab.

etsy integration api

Why use EasyERP for selling on Etsy?

Before we delve into nuances of Etsy integration we should highlight the benefits that EasyERP brings and how it adds value. These are the features our ERP offers for web store owners that may enhance their Etsy selling strategy:

  • Inventory management;
  • Order management;
  • Visibility over multiple marketplaces;
  • No inaccurate data;
  • Customer database;
  • Bulk product publishing;
  • Centralized back-end system.

Now, let’s head on to building a connection between EasyERP and Etsy and how to use it to grow.

How to conduct Etsy integration?

EasyERP + Etsy integration works this way: launch your Etsy web store – connect it to EasyERP – import all your listings – manage and sell effectively. When you establish such channel what is going to be imported into your master system? The answer is products, customer info, orders, payments, shipping methods.

To start the integration go to Developers tab on Etsy (you need developer type of account) and go to Create new app in the menu.

how to create app in etsy

There, name and describe your application, select options in series of checkboxes, exactly like on the screenshot below, select compatibility with Etsy inventory management API if needed, and click the Create App button.

etsy integration setup

You’ll get a message about the application created, where you need to copy app’s credentials –  keystring and shared secret. And that is all you have to do on Etsy side.

Etsy API key

This is how it looks like in practice:

how to get etsy API

Now go over to EasyERP, open Settings – Integrations tab. Click the Add channel button, select Etsy channel, enter the name and then click Continue. A popup window will appear, where you have to enter those API credentials from your Etsy app.

Add Etsy integration to queue

Also, you have to specify a warehouse, a price list, a bank account to use for your Etsy integration channel. Select whether to update shipping status and method from Etsy store, and then click Save.

Add etsy channel in easyerp

Here is how it looks in practice:

How to integrate Etsy

The deal is done! As you see it does not require any coding or developer skills, and would take some 15-20 minutes to perform. If all goes well, a new channel will be added to your Integrations list.

Key features

As Etsy integration goes active in EasyERP, the syncing of data starts. The following tools and features will give a push to your Etsy selling efforts:

  1. Product publishing/variant – multi-channel listings’ publishing, bulk publishing, unpublishing, product variants creation, SKUs;
  2. Inventory syncing/management – as you use Etsy as a storefront, EasyERP automatically updates and sync stock levels across all other sales channels;
  3. Sales order management – no need for manual checking of new incoming orders, as EasyERP imports orders from Etsy, along with all related data;
  4. Fulfillment and shipping – prepare items for shipping, manage multiple warehouses, configure locations (aisle/bay/shelf/bin), create goods-out notes, add shipping tracking references, etc.;
  5. Customer database – system imports customer information (name, address, billing account) along with orders from Etsy, building up your customer base for further business purposes.

Important to remember that data syncing within Etsy integration occurs periodically every 15 minutes by default. Though user may initiate it manually – clicking the Sync button in Settings.

How to manage listings

To save you time and effort EasyERP allows bulk listings upload to an Etsy store – this feature is called ‘publishing’. In Inventory section we’ve got Products, where all your stock may be enlisted. So you do not have to repeat the process again on Etsy and just publish all the items you wish to a store in one action.

how to configure publishing in Etsy integration

Click the Configure publishing button, select your Etsy channel and a price list and continue to view products liable to publish. Then you may check the wanted items or check all click the Publish button. In same manner you may un-publish products, which means they will be taken down from Etsy but remain in EasyERP (to erase fully use the Delete button).

In Products click the Configure unpublishing button, and select your channel.

how to unpublish from Etsy

Select items and click Unpublish – easy task. Managing products in EasyERP is a separate topic – check our documentation on how to create products, how to edit and delete products, how to add variants, how to manage stock levels and more.

But how does Etsy integration work for product synchronization between two applications? If you’ve published items to Etsy, or if a customer has placed an order and you do not see those things right away, no need to worry. 15 minutes sync period, remember?

Add a product on Etsy and it will be created in both systems. If you add a product in EasyERP, it stays there until you publish it to your store. Delete a product on Etsy and it will be deleted there but stay in EasyERP. If you delete a product in EasyERP, it stays on Etsy but the linking is erased. For more, go to our Etsy docs.

Avoid duplicates

You may end up with item duplicates as you run multiple ecommerce stores. Duplicates are same products listed few times by error. For that matter make sure you don’t create similar products in Etsy store – as sellers often forget to use listing variations option.

How to define Etsy variations

Another instance of duplicates may happen when you import listings from one ecommerce platform and then upload it to another one from EasyERP. Such possible mishaps end up in our ERP system as product conflicts or unlinked orders (see Settings – Integrations).

how to solve conflicts within Etsy integration

If you got products with same name or SKU, you may use Resolve conflicts button, where you have three options: skip, duplicate or merge. Skip – to save one already existing item only, Duplicate – to create two items, Merge – to save one item only that is new.

how to resolve conflicting items

Similarly,  the unlinked orders that contain duplicate products, may be resolved. You have to check such orders manually, then build or link conflicting products.

How to fulfill orders

Under Etsy integration the system imports customer data and products first, prior to sales orders. Thus, assuring no orders get unlinked or containing not full data. The synchronization then works in one direction – order status updates from Etsy will be visible in EasyERP, but not the other way around. This will not hurt you if you assign EasyERP as a master system.

All incoming orders from Etsy receive “Processing” status. Then users in EasyERP start the order fulfillment process. You may find orders in CRM module, Orders tab. Any order you can edit, fulfill, change status, invoice, etc.

how to fulfill orders in easyERP

Order fulfillment for Etsy purchases is similar for orders from any other sales channels.

Basically, the order management flow goes like this: a customer buys something from your Etsy store, Etsy creates an order, EasyERP imports an order, user processes an order (packs it or ships it, creates payment), an update of inventory occurs, an order is closed.

In relation to shipping, we should note that it could quite a tricky matter with Etsy platform. Etsy is primarily oriented on US deliveries, plus has various shipping profiles, costs and fee calculations. You need to create a shipping profile on Etsy and select all these options (your shop – Listings – Shipping settings – Add a shipping profile).

etsy shipping profiles

These settings will import into EasyERP along with other order data. It means your Etsy settings will be applied in EasyERP as well, so all should work fine. For instance, when you publish items to an Etsy shop, you may apply that defined shipping profile – which is especially handy if you have several Etsy stores.

how to set etsy shipping profile

How to update inventory

Syncing of two applications also covers the inventory. EasyERP constantly updates and reflects the current quantity and state of all items in stock. Say, you have 3 web stores on different platforms, all integrated with ERP. You have 10 goods in stock and sell 1 per each store (3 total). Those will subtract automatically and you’ll get 7 items available, obviously.

To avoid conflicting products be sure to enter correct and full data for items in your stock: name, SKU, image, price, low stock.

manage stock in Etsy integration with easyERP

In Stock tab enter the figure for minimum stock level for each item – the system will warn you when you’re close to running out of it. In Sales channel tab you see you Etsy integration channel, or several, and whether an item is published or not.

You may also build a custom price list for your Etsy channel. If you run one store for US customers, and one just for a specific product type – with various pricing policies, you may find this feature helpful. Go to Settings in EasyERP, Product configurations section, and there you have the tab for price lists.

product configuration in easyERP

Click the Add button, give it a name and code, select currency, check supplier or not, and then Save.

add pricelist for etsy

Regarding stock management, in Inventory section – Stock detail you may see all the details, or transfer items to other locations. In Goods-out notes you confirm items shipping to end customers. And in Stock correction tab, logically, users add more items or subtract the excesses.

This is how it goes in practice:

how to add price list in easyerp


If you seek information regarding other issues or workflows, we advise to check our extensive Etsy integration documentation. You may find answers on Etsy payments for example, in Payments FAQ section.

You may also create the account for free in EasyERP and try out our demo to see and experience for yourself how it all works. If you do not fully understand certain areas of EasyERP + Etsy integration, just contact us via email or chat.

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