Employees Guide [VIDEO]

The next section for review is HRM – human resource management system in EasyERP. As it has options to deal with employees, applications, job positions, birthdays, vacations, attendance, we start from the beginning.

This video guide provides an overview of Employees database in HR module of EasyERP system. See how employees list looks like, how to fill the database, what are the view options, how to find an employee and how to use search filters.

The purpose of this tab in our software system is to empower HR departments to do their job faster and easier. Also, visibility and quick access throughout whole company. Anyone can find information from employees database in a matter of seconds. Like any HRM system we aim to integrate all HR activities: personal details, recruitment, performance, scheduling, attendance, etc.

Opening the tab you see the list of all your employees – in grid view by default, but you can also switch to plain list view. There you instantly see vital info: photo, name, department, age and phone.

HRM, employees list

Clearly, first-time users of EasyERP will get the empty menu. And one will have to fill it up. For that you click on New button of blue color and get a popup window for creating new employee in HRM. There you have few fields and additional tabs, and the more details you add the easier your work will get further on. First and last name are obviously mandatory fields. You can mention both personal and work information – phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts. In Job tab you need to fill in job position, department, job type, supervising manager, schedule, contract type, payment.

how to add employees in HRMS

There are also exporting and search options. You can search employees by the last name, by department, by manager (supervisor), by job position, or use alphabetical filer. In addition to all that HRM functionality you are able to adjust your employee database and features in Settings.

Stay tuned for more HR user guide videos!