Applications Guide [VIDEO]

Tracking and managing not only employees but also job applications is definitely one extra useful thing. EasyERP’s HRM system is perfectly capable of doing so.

We made a short video user guide for HR module to demonstrate how to deal with job applications. Basically, the main point here is that you are able to manage persons from the moment they apply for the job. You can collect information about persons capabilities, expectations from a job, etc., and you can set reminders or move along through hiring stages.

With HRMS in EasyERP recruiting managers can work with such entities as: employees, applications, job positions, birthdays, vacations, attendance. And the initial stage in HR is hiring staff. Job applications are also a part of our system so that you can guide and manage the applicants in same way as employees.

Firstly, you add applications to your database, with all the details, stages, dates for next actions etc. And you get a page like this:

job applications page

Applications contain:

  • first and last name
  • photo
  • salary (expected and offered)
  • birth date
  • personal contacts and profiles
  • source of application’s interest
  • next action date
  • job position and department
  • manager and job type
  • schedule, contract and payment types
  • work contacts
  • application’s stage

Just one click separates an applicant from becoming employee – you can see “Hire & Create Employee” button in the top right corner. Similarly, there is the “Refuse” button to mark those who didn’t get the job. Moreover, users can choose between grid and list to view the applications menu, and here’s how the list looks like:

job applications list

The workflow of job applications is divided into stages. So it is easy to see all the details and metrics, and take respective actions. You can customize stages to be in line with your requirements – go to Settings – Workflows – Applications and make changes. You can name them and add more, but basically entities there are Pending, In progress, New, Hired, Cancelled.

Stay tuned for more HR user guide videos!