Employee is a person hired to provide certain services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation, and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business. HR module of EasyERP gives you the possibility to represent persons that are working for your company under a contract, as freelancers, halftime or any other way. Here you can fill in all required data - contacts, related users, social links, phones, personal information, bank details, job status, assignees and other detailed information, set the salary for employees, select the type of a contract, working schedule, job position, department and so on. It allows you to perform quick search of employees, add new hired persons or end contract for the fired ones, leave notes or attach candidate’s resume.

For now let`s have a look at Employee section, the most important part of HR module, where the most share of HR management is being done. Of course, when you open this section for the first time you won`t see any workers in here, so what you have to do is add them to EasyERP, and here is how you can do that.

New employee

Creating a new employee in EasyERP isn`t a complicate task, it only requires some attention and patience. Let`s create a new one for better understanding of this process and other issues required for this process. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click New button to open Create Employee window;
  2. Hover mouse over user avatar and click Edit to upload employee photo;
  3. Select user photo and press Crop button;
  4. Enter all required information in Main tab.
    Note: First name, Last name and Date of Birth are mandatory fields;
  5. Click on Personal Information tab and enter all required information.
    Note: Employment type is mandatory field;
  6. Click on Job tab and select all data related to job.
    Note: Job position, Department and Job Type are mandatory fields;
  7. Click on Assignees tab and click Create button.

Below are screenshots of all tabs in Create New Employee window as example.

Main tab:


Personal Information tab:


Job tab:


Assignees tab:


It is in your own interest to fill in as much fields as possible, so you could have complete information about your workers, what will easen your further HR management a lot.

Employee list

When you open employees page you will see all information in default grid view. Here you can add new workers, export data into CSV or Xlsx format, perform searching or filtering of existing records, or go to a window were person’s details are kept.

Grid blocks contain photo, user’s first and last names, job position, age, date of birth and personal mobile number. This type pf view is great because you can see all your employees at once and they are visually represented, what provides more convenient and faster navigation.


You can switch from the grid view to the list. Here information about every worker is represented more widely. Also in this view you can perform bulk deleting of selected items. To delete employee simply check it in the list view and then click Delete button. After confirmation the record will be deleted.


Export to CSV and XLSX

You can easily export all employee records into CSV or Xlsx format. Choose the file format that suits your business needs the most and click on respective button at the top of the web page. Then select the destination path for exported file on your PC.


As you’ve seen most of EasyERP pages include the Search field that helps you find the information quickly in cases when you deal with large amounts of data. This feature allows you to perform search by Full Name, Department, Manager or Job position.


To start the search, click on down arrow icon in the Search field. It displays a dropdown list with sections for advanced search. Click on Full Name if you want to perform the search by name. When you start typing letters, it immediately shows all matched results. Here only 7 first results are visible to you, and to see the next ones click Next. Then you’ll see how many matched results are there totally.


Click on the employee name shown it the list. You can check few names in those first 7 names, or more in Next results. All selected items will be placed first, not in alphabetical order. The same works for other sections - Full Name, Department, Manager and Job Position.

Click on the section you need then start typing in the search field to get the results. And click matched results to be shown. Also you can combine the selected items within few sections. For example, at first you can search for full name Michael to get all employees with this name and then select “manager” to see only Michaels who are enlisted as managers. Or maybe you search Peter that works in Design department but you don’t know his last name. In this case a combination of two filters will help you get results.


There is also a simplified way to search/filter employees - grouping them by last name. In the top line above the employee list you can see clickable letters in alphabetical order. So if you click B for example, you’ll get all employees from your company with surname that starts with letter “B”.


Filter feature allows you to find records more quickly and precisely. To use Employees filter click the down arrow icon on the search field. Then, for example, click Job position section and click Junior iOS to see all employees who are junior iOS developers in your company. Or click Manager sections and then click any name to see all employees whose manager a selected person is.

Let’s have a quick look how we can create favorite filters. For example, you would like to see all persons that you manage every time you go to employees page. To do this, follow the next instructions:

  1. Click down arrow icon in Search field;
  2. Click on Manager tab;
  3. Find and select your name to see all persons you manage;
  4. Click on Favorites tab;
  5. Enter name for search field, for example My employees;
  6. Check Use by default to apply this filter every time when you load the page;
  7. Click Save button.


The filter you’ve created will be used every time you open Employees page. The created filter will be shown in the bottom. To delete created filter click "X" icon next to the filter title. You can create as many filters as you wish, there’s no limit to their quantity.
Note: when you create a new filter and mark it as default, the last created filter will be used as default.

Employee details

Employee details window contains content similar to that when adding new employee in EasyERP. The only difference is that here a dropdown menu for finishing employee’s work is available. You can select one of the next 4 options:

  • End Contract;
  • Fired;
  • Personal issues;
  • Other.


These options are used to leave more detailed notes when employee leaves the company. As there can be various reasons for somebody leaving the company. Depending on your selection, it will be added into Status info column in Job tab. After changes press Save button and employee will be transferred into Applications section, where he/she will get own Applications page. This section will be described further on.