Getting started


EasyERP consists of a number of modules that are made for running and managing your business. They all represent a different internal structure that can exist in your enterprise. This way you can assign a different person or a department to run each component of your organization, and all of this will be done in one program. This gives you a possibility to monitor and manage all the aspects of your business in one software package. Also, EasyERP is very flexible, it is designed to meet any demands of any business you can imagine.

In this chapter of the documentation you will get to know what each module is made for and what can it do. For more detailed description of these components please go to the corresponding chapter of this documentation. You can easily navigate through it using the sidebar on the left part of the screen. At the current state of development EasyERP consist of:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • HR (Human resources)
  • Purchases
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Settings

As you can see, there is really all you need to run your business and solve any tasks or problems that occur in one program. If you are new to this kind of software here’s a small description on every one of these modules. So you can familiarize with them and quickly skip to that part of the documentation that interest you the most, or to that question that is the most important to your business.

CRM – is a module that is responsible for interaction with current or potential customers. Also, here you can analyze data about customer’s history with your enterprise and find ways and methods to improve your relationships with your clients, so they would buy your products or your services again.

HR – this section is for the management of human resources. The main purpose of it is to maximize the performance and productivity of your employees, train them and manage the recruitment of new workers.

Purchases – the segment of EasyERP that will help you manage the process of acquiring goods and services that are vital and necessary to accomplish goals of your enterprise. As it is clear from the name, in this section you can manage the purchase of any types of materials, products of any sort and services.

Accounting – one of the most important sections of EasyERP. Here you can monitor, analyze, edit, and create financial reports, hence all the information about your business represented in value can be viewed here. Accounting is called the “language of business”, it measures the results of an organization’s economic activities and conveys this information to a variety of users, including investors, creditors, management, and regulators.

Inventory – inventory management and inventory tracking is a crucial element of any decent ERP system. If in the Purchases segment you could buy or acquire the products, in the Inventory module you can track their quantity, move them between your warehouses, edit and delete them. Also, if your company type allows it you may create your own products here.

Settings – here you can find a powerful tool to maintain and manage all the modules above. EasyERP is a very flexible system, that can adjust to your company’s needs, all thanks to this segment.