Persons and Companies Guide [VIDEO]

To continue our user guide series we elaborate on CRM module. As lead management has been covered in previous video, the focus here is on actual customers – individuals (persons) and companies.

Persons and companies in EasyERP represent your real and actual customers. Both entities are equally important to any CRM system. When a lead becomes an opportunity, you can make the record of it in the system as a new entity – a person (contact) or a company. Obviously, the main goal is to turn potential customers into actual customers. And at the next stage, while dealing with persons and companies, your goal is to build long-term relationships.

So, let’s take a look at video user guide regarding customers:



Tab “Persons” displays your clients in grid view by default, or you can switch to list. All persons listed in chronological order, in grid view you see last 50 added/edited persons. You can also choose the number of records to view on the page – 25, 50, 100, 200. When you switch from the list back to grid view, default 50 persons will be shown.

CRM user guide, persons

On the top of the page you see the following elements (options/functions):

  • New button
  • Export to options
  • Search
  • View switch
  • Alphabetical filter

Detailed view of a record is available upon clicking a person and going to his/her page. Each person record has the next sections: About (several fields), Company, Opportunities (possibly affiliated), Attachments (files of any type up to 10 megabytes in size), Notes and Tasks.

To add new person – click New button on top, fill out the form and click Create. Note that first name and last name are mandatory.

how to add new person in CRM

Also, pay attention that the form has 2 tabs: Main and Sales & Purchases. In this second tab, you set a person as a customer or a supplier to your business, assign sales managers, and details like that.

In addition, you can add a new opportunity directly from the person’s page. The subject is a mandatory field there. Newly created opportunity becomes visible in Opportunity section of CRM and will be displayed in stage “New”.


Companies are structured and look the same as Persons. All basic functions like Sorting, Adding new, Editing, Deleting – go the same way. Same grid or list view, pages have the same structure, and so on. Generally, companies here hold contact information, key persons, addresses, logo, social links etc. Creating companies is similar to persons as they both have a lot of data in common.

CRM user guide, companies list and view

To find a company by name just start typing in the Search or Name bar on the top right corner. All matched companies will appear in the field. You’ll see first 7 matched or all companies. To see the next ones you can click Next button. Also, you can see the number of all companies recorded in the CRM.

A company details page contains several important blocks of information. You can see everything About the company you need in your work. From various contacts and “about” section, to opportunities, attachments, history and tasks. The purpose of these company pages is to group all related data together for easier management.

company view in CRM