Leads and Opportunities Guide [VIDEO]

To help our users work with our product in smooth fashion we start a series of user guide videos. We will be posting short tutorials to basic functions and features accompanied by guiding comments. Today let’s start with Leads and Opportunities that are part of customer relationship management module.

From our project management module (PM), we turn attention to CRM. It is one of the most crucial elements of the product. As you know, the focus here is on customers and potential customers. This is the database of all interactions of your business with customers. In EasyERP that customer data is structured in several entities:

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Persons
  • Companies

Leads and opportunities represent potential customers – someone who for example, expresses an interest in your products or services. Your actual clients and partners are represented as Persons or Companies. So here’s the guide, and after we’ll elaborate a bit more.


Leads features

Leads are all displayed chronologically as a simple list. Instantly you can see some basic data: subject, priority, source of lead, stage, the person assigned. You can also sort leads by any of those parameters.

leads in EasyERP

To view full details on a lead, click on it and you’ll go to its page. There you can update the data, add notes and tasks, change priority, attach files and so on. One of the main options in case the lead is positive is Convert to opportunity button. To create a new lead in the system – click New button, fill the form and click Create.

create new lead button


“Opportunities” is the entity in EasyERP meaning a high probability of a lead converting into a customer. It’s the next stage in your sales pipeline. There are 2 ways to create Opportunities – converting it from leads, or just creating one separately. You can switch the view to either grid or list. You can split Opportunities into categories – and each of those columns will automatically display the total sum of expected revenue from all entities in it.

opportunities in EasyERP

To move the opportunity to the next stage you can simply drag it with the mouse. In addition, we should also mention that all workflows, like leads and opportunities here, you can customize using Settings section.

Stay tuned for more upcoming user guide videos!