Invoices Guide [VIDEO]

Another great feature in our CRM module are Invoices that you bill your customers with. Where can you find them in EasyERP, how to generate it, how to trace overdue invoices… all answered in this video user guide.


In our CRM you can generate quotations, orders and invoices. An invoice is an order that has been billed, so let’s see how to work with it. First of all, how do you get to invoices in sales pipeline? You start with Quotations – when you send a commercial offer to a prospective customer. If it is accepted you move it to Orders by clicking Confirm order.

When you bill that Order later, you click Receive Invoice, and it becomes an Invoice in the system. It is automatically displayed in Invoices list. Here you can see all invoices with all basic details. You can go to an invoice and: edit, approve, change status, save as PDF. Invoices can be unapproved/approved, paid/partially paid/unpaid.

Sample of an invoice generated in EasyERP

An invoice contains its identification number, issue date and due date, company billed (customer name), product and short description. It also specifies the quantity of products, unit price, taxes and total amount to be paid. You can save an invoice in PDF, and forward it to a customer or print it out.

Invoice aging & Invoice charts

Obviously, you will get overdue invoices. There’s a separate menu here called Invoices Aging – this report provides information to your sales team about invoices overdue for payment.

invoices aging tab

There is also Invoice Charts menu here… The title speaks for itself: this is kind of the visual aid to see the whole picture with company’s invoices. Red line with dots marks invoiced sums of money, and blue columns are what is actually being paid. You can select to show in Monthly or Weekly periods … and specify the time period here…

invoices charts example

Stay tuned for more upcoming user guide videos!