There are plenty of activities in daily business operations. Be it either time bound events, meetings or status bound tasks, like sending email to customer, preparing a report. In EasyERP tasks can be associated with CRM entities: leads, opportunities, persons and companies. A task is a specific work required to be done within a given time frame. Tasks are simple reminders of something you need to do.


New Task

You can create tasks in 2 ways:

For the first way, when you create a new lead for example, you can instantly add task for yourself, reminding you to do some action related to a lead. It will automatically appear in tasks list. For second option, you click New button in the tasks dashboard.

Tasks New

There you will fill in important details of a task - category (add your own), stage, due date and time, assigned person, notes, connect it to a person, company or lead. Then click Create. A user will get notification by e-mail about new task created, as well as other daily reminders.

Stages for tasks are conventional (new, in progress, pending, cancelled, completed) and can be modified in Settings/Workflows. Once a task is set it can be updated in a few clicks. To close a task you can go to it and click Delete, change stage to Completed, or simply putting a checkmark next to a task in the list.

Kanban/List/Grid view

By default tasks are displayed in grid view. It can be switched to list or kanban according to your preference - using a switch button in the top right of the screen.Tasks view

Every view has it`s own pros and cons, wich one to prefer is up to you. In Standard list view you may see detailed information about particular task. In a List view there is short information about all tasks at once. And in Kanban view you can with ease manage all your tasks in one place through "drag and drop".

A little explanation about standard list view. Here you can see such pieces of data: task title, tags, due date, person responsible. There are 3 categories of tasks listed: Overdue, Today, and Next. A figure next to those categories shows the total number of tasks in it.


Use search bar to quickly find the needed task by name or selected filter. Search filters include:

  • Name
  • Assigned to
  • Status
  • Project (deal)
  • Tag

Tasks search

Also you can asighn favorite search results in "Favorites", to easen your search process even more.


All the recent activities regarding tasks are displayed by default in grid view, on the right part of the screen. Similar to History sections in CRM module this panel shows, for example, if you have closed a task, assigned it to another person, etc.


If you click on a task in the list, you’ll get a popup window with all the detailed information about particular task.

It has next sections:

  • Category (tags, like “call”, “send email”, etc.)
  • Stage (Not started, Waiting, In progress, Deferred, Completed)
  • Due date (date and time selector)
  • Assigned to (dropdown menu)
  • Task field (description)
  • Contact
  • Company
  • Lead/Opportunity


Here you can edit every detail or add new information, or even delete a task right away.

In a category field you can asign any tag you like to your task, by simply creating them or assighning already existing ones.

Tasks can be divided by a certain stages - for more convenient work. There are 4 default task stages in the system:

  • New
  • In progress
  • Done
  • Cancelled

And users can add more statuses but any additional ones must correspond with one of those default entities.