Persons and companies in EasyERP represent real customers whom you have business with or to whom you provide your services. Both being equally important part of any CRM system. When a lead becomes an opportunity, you can make the record of it in the system as a new entity - a person (contact) or a company. When working with opportunities the main goal is to turn them into your customers. At the next stage, while dealing with persons and companies your goal is to build long-term relationships, increasing the value.


New Person

When you`ll open Persons tab for the first time, obviously, it`ll be empty. All is needed that`s to begin adding new persons.

Adding new person is easy - just click the blue New button and you will see the popup window. New person popup window has 3 tabs - Main with key details, Address and Sales & Purchases.

Person new


Note: when creating a new person the first and last names are mandatory fields. If they are not filled then you will get a warning message in the top right corner of the page and unfilled field will light up with red.

The purpose of the Sales & Purchases tab is to record data vital to the Sales team: which sales manager brought this person, is it a customer or/and supplier, reference link, language that person speaks, etc.

Note: If you want to add a person that works for a certain company then first you need to create a company. Then you will be able to select the company from the dropdown when adding a new person.

List view

Let’s have a look at how Persons section is represented in EasyERP.


Persons are shown in grid view by default but you can easily switch to list by clicking on list icon on the top right. All persons are listed in chronological order, in grid view last 50 added/edited persons are displayed. If you switch to list view you can also choose the number of records to see on the page - between 25, 50, 100, 200. If you switch back to the grid, and return to list, default 50 persons will be shown.

On the display you can see next elements:

  • New button for adding new person;
  • Export to CSV and Export to XLSX buttons for exporting all your persons into CSV or XLSX format. If you would like to export your data, just click the button with the file format that suits you best;
  • Search field helps to search for persons, and filter them by country or services;
  • Grid/List switcher;
  • Alphabetical filter with 50 most recently added persons by default. You can filter them by first letter of the first name.

In the bottom, you can get more persons shown on the page by clicking Show More button. Additionally, you can always see how much time it took to create the webpage. All new persons will be shown without refreshing the page, they will be appearing until reaching the last record.

Export to CSV and Export to Xlsx buttons allow you to export the persons into selected file format. Just click on the button with the format that suits your business needs the most and then select the final path destination for exported file.

The search field allows you to perform a search by Full Name, Country or Services. To start searching enter the first letters of the first or last name. After you begin typing it will show you collapsed dropdowns with all matches for Full Name, Country and Services. You can expand any of them and click on the list element and if it is available then the result(s) will be shown to you.


Clicking the down arrow in the search field will open additional options for search.


You can perform the advanced search by three categories: Full Name, Country and Services. To start the search by full name click Full Name section. Start typing and you will see the matched results in the list below. Only first seven results will be shown, for the next ones click Next button, also here you can see the number of total search results. Click on search results, in this case, full name, to show the related person on the webpage. You can select one or more items to be shown.


The same way search works in Country and Services tab. You can check one or more countries. Services tab allows you to filter persons if they are customers or suppliers. When you create the person you can mark it as a supplier if he supplies some services or products to you. Now is the time to describe how you can filter search results.

With Filter you can perform search more precisely. Country tab on Search allows you not only perform searching by countries but filtering by them as well. Clicking on a country name will show only persons that are linked to the selected country. Try to click one or few countries to understand better how it works in EasyERP. You can combine filters and filter by country and by Services at the same time. For this click Services tab and check Supplier or Customer.


Let’s have a look on how can we create our favorite filters. For this follow the next instructions:

  1. Click on Filters tab;
  2. Click Country section to expand it;
  3. Check the country or countries what you would like to see results for;
  4. Click Services section to expand it;
  5. Check services for which you would like to see results;
  6. Click on Favorites tab;
  7. Enter Filter name for favorite filter;
  8. Check Use by default if you would like to have applied this filter every time when you load the person`s page;
  9. Click Save button.


Created filter will appear in the bottom of Favorites tab. You can create as many filters for your needs as you wish, there’s no limitation. To delete existing filter click "X" icon near the filter name.

Person details

By clicking on the person’s photo or name (or respective line in the list view) you will open a Person’s detail page as shown here:


On the left side, you still see the list of all persons in case you need to go back to the whole list. Hamburger button is there to sort persons by the first name, last name, email, phone or country. Then click on sorting item will sort the list in opposite order - from ascending to descending and vice versa.

In addition, by selecting one or more items from the list you can perform bulk deleting of selected persons. Clicking on delete button though will not delete them immediately, you have to confirm this action in browser confirm dialog. Please note that New button turns into Delete when you select one or more items from the list.

Each person has the next sections: About, Company, Opportunities, Attachments, Notes & Tasks and History.


Below the person details, you can see information about the company that this person represents. Click on View All Properties button will bring you to the Companies section in CRM module with all details.


You can remove the company link to a person by clicking on a cross mark.

If a person isn’t matched with any company, you can add it by clicking on a plus mark within company block, then find the company by name and select it.




You can add a new opportunity directly from the person’s page. The subject is a mandatory field there. Newly created opportunity becomes visible in Opportunity section of CRM and will be displayed in a stage New.


Attachments section allows you to add files with any extension to person with maximum file size at 10 Megabytes. To download the attached file simply click on it. Moving the cursor over the file name shows delete button.


On the right side Notes, Tasks and History are shown. It shows the data you’ve filled in the person’s profile, so you can also add an opportunity, leave a note or upload the file at any moment later on.


To add a Note simply enter the note in the text field and then click Save button. Created note will appear in the history with date and time of creation. In the same section, you can create the task(s) on Create task tab. You need to select the person that you want to assign the task to, select the category, set the date and time, add a description for the task, attach the file if needed and press Save button.

Click on a cross mark (in gray color) in the top right of the page to close the person’s page and go back to person menu.