Companies section allow you collect all the information related to company or people you work with. In fact, it reflects your customers. Usually, it holds contact information, key persons, addresses, logo, social links etc. Creating companies is similar to persons because they both have a lot of data in common.


New company

Adding new company is an easy process and pretty similar to adding a new Person. When you click New button you will see a popup window. Here you can see three tabs - Main where you can enter general information about the company, Address (to obvious to explain) and Sales & Purchases where information related to sales can be stored.

To create a Company please follow the next steps:

  1. Click New button;
  2. Enter Company name (mandatory field);
  3. Enter all other required information;

company new

And to finish all of this simply press Create button.


When you open Companies tab you see all the companies in default grid view. On the screen there is a New button for adding new company into CRM, also hereby are Export to CSV and Export to Xlsx buttons for exporting your companies, Search field and List/grid switcher.


Exporting functionality is the important part of CRM to avoid routine manual work of entering your existing customer database. By simply clicking on Export to CSV or Export to Xlsx button you can export all your companies into the file format that suits your needs the most. It will open the browser window to select the saving directory, no additional actions required to export companies. All the fields with data will be saved.
You can easily switch to grid/list view by clicking appropriate icon on the top right corner of the web page:


Showing the companies in grid view allows easier to recognize them by their logo if it was uploaded before. List view gives you more space for actions - you can sort the table by Name, Email, Phone, Country, Created By and Edited By properties. Also, from the list view you can delete the company. For this select the company you would like to remove and then press Delete button on the top. To sort the list click on the column header.


Search and filtering

The search field allows you to perform the search by Name, Country, Services and create your favorite filters.


To find a company by name just start to type in the Search field or Name block. All matching companies will be shown below search input field. It shows only 7 first matched. To see next matching companies click on Next button. Also, you can see the number of all companies recorded in CRM.

On the Country tab you can filter companies by countries they are linked to. When you start to type country name in the text field then all matched countries will be shown. To show only matched countries click on the country name. A small icon will be shown near each checked country. The same way as it is implemented for Name you can go to the next countries clicking Next button.

Tab Services gives you the possibility to perform filtering if the company is supplier or customer. The company is the customer if it doesn’t supply any products or provide services to you. Otherwise, it is a supplier.

Now is the time to explain how to create your favorite filter. For example, you would like to create default filter for persons from Australia whose names begin with letter B and they are suppliers. To do this please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Filters tab;
  2. Enter B in search field of Name block;
  3. Click on Country tab;
  4. Check Australia;
  5. Click on Services tab;
  6. Check Supplier;
  7. Switch to Favorites tab;
  8. Enter name for filter, for example, “Australian B Suppliers”
  9. Check Use by default checkbox;
  10. Press Save button.

Now every time when you will load Company's page you will see only suppliers from Australia whose names contain letter “B”.


There’s no limitation on the filter number, you can create them as many as you want. Please note that you can’t create two filters with the same name even if company, country and services are different. In this case, you will see the warning message Filter with the same name already exists! Please, change filter name.”

You can Filter the companies shown on the web page by the first letter by clicking on the letter shown on the top.


This is the fastest way to filter some exact entries from a huge list of your customers.

In the example below the companies are filtered by first letter “A” that is highlighted by blue color. You can filter only by one first letter. It means that you can’t filter companies by letter “A” and letter “B” at the same time. To show all companies again simply click All.


Company details

Company details page is divided into few blocks that hold all information about the company: search and filter, companies list to navigate through the companies, about company, notes, tasks, contacts, opportunities, attachments and history. The purpose of these blocks is to group all related data together for easier management.


About section contains the main information about the company. If you will edit some fields in About section then these fields will be marked by blue vertical line as shown on the image for Phone, Mobile and Zip fields. Every time when you edit some data in About block then appears Save button for saving the changes you have made. You can go to the company’s Facebook or Linkedin profile if those fields are filled by clicking on appropriate icons in the bottom of the about block.


Contacts section holds the contacts linked to selected company. You can have none, one or more contacts related to the company.


To add a new contact to the company follow the next instructions:

  1. Click "+" button on the top right corner of Contacts;
  2. Start typing in text field;
  3. Click on the person you would like to link to the company;
  4. If there are no persons click Create New Contact button;
  5. Enter all required information in the dialog window;

Press Create button.


To remove the person from EasyERP database click the "X" button in the top right corner of user block.

Similarly, you can bind a person to the company. When you are on the person's details page then navigate to company block and press Add icon. In the same dialog window, you can add the company by searching or creating the new one. This is another way how to link the company and person.

Note: you can add many persons to one company but one person can belong to only one company. You can’t assign two or more companies to one person.

Opportunity section gives you the ability to create them (opportunities) directly from company’s profile page.


So you can always be sure that you didn’t miss to link it to the right company. You can add numerous opportunities to one company. Adding it is a quite easy process:

  1. Click "+" button;
  2. Enter Subject input field (mandatory field);
  3. Enter other required information such as Expected Revenue, Contact, Assignee, Stage, Expected closing, Internal notes etc;
  4. Press Create button.

Clicking on created opportunity will bring you to the opportunity details page where you have access to all properties. You can’t delete the opportunity from Company’s details page. To do this follow the text steps:

  1. Go to opportunity block on company’s detail page;
  2. Hover cursor over the opportunity and click;
  3. Click on the X icon to close opportunity details;
  4. Find the opportunity you would like to delete;
  5. Check the checkbox related to the opportunity;
  6. Click Delete button;
  7. Click Ok in browser confirmation dialog.

EasyERP allows you to attach files to the company, so all documents that are related to this particular company can be located in one place so you don't need to worry about losing some of them. Documentation, specifications, NDA, contracts, agreements, presentations - all can be added to the company to ease the access for other EasyERP users.


To add new Attachment please follow instructions below:

  1. Click Attach button;
  2. Select the file you would like to attach;
  3. Press Open button in browser file selection window;

If you will add the file with the already existing name then sequence number will be added to the end of the file. To Delete the attachment hover the cursor over filename and Delete text button will appear. Click Delete text and confirm the deleting in browser confirmation dialog.

For downloading attached file simply click on the filename and the browser dialog window will be opened for selecting the final destination for saving.

The purpose of Notes section is for leaving internal messages related to the company. That can be any important information, tip or the lesson learned that can helpful for future work.


To create the new note for the company follow the next instructions:

  1. Enter some text;
  2. Select attachment if it is required;
  3. Click Save button.

Saved note will appear in the history section.

Note: if you will type the note and then attach the file all typed text will be lost. The best practice is to attach file first and then leave a message about this attached file.

In case you need to do something related to the company, for example, send the project proposal or budget estimation, ask for designs or API documentation, check if the invoice was paid, you can create the task for this project. All tasks created for the project will appear in the Tasks section of CRM module.


Let’s quickly walk through the process of creating the task:

  1. On company detail page click Create task tab;
  2. Select the assignee;
  3. Select the category - Call, Email, Meeting, Remind or Send - or create new one;
  4. Select time in time picker;
  5. Select date in datepicker;
  6. Enter the name for task;
  7. Attach file if it is required;
  8. Click Save button.

Created task will appear in the Tasks section of CRM module and company’s history. And now we`ll create a category for a task:

  1. Click on the None if no category selected or on the category name;
  2. Click Create New Category at the bottom of dialog window;
  3. Enter Name for new category;
  4. Select Color for new category;
  5. Click Save button.


The newly created category will appear in the list of categories and you can select it. For editing the existing category click the edit icon and perform required changes. If you would like to delete the category click edit icon and then click Remove button. After confirmation of removal, the category will be deleted from the list.

It’s time to tell few words about the History section on the company’s profile page. Here you`ll see the logs about changes you`ve made on the Company profile page or if you have changed the things linked to the Company such as Opportunity, Task, Notes, Attachments, Company details etc.

The log in the history will be on the left if you have created a task, left notes, changed or added company details, attached file, added or changed opportunity.

Note: if you add or remove contacts from company profile it will not be recorded in the history.


You can sort the companies list in the left navigation menu. Clicking on hamburger icon shows to you the options for sorting by Full Name, Country, Email or Phone. Click on one of these items sorts the list, the second click sorts the list in opposite order. To hide this sorting menu click on hamburger icon again. Search field works exactly the same way as it was described above. Note that there is no way to disorder the sorted list, for this please refresh the page.