Cash Transfer


Every company at some point of the time needs to manage several banking accounts. That means you will need to transfer cash from one account to another and later, trace those transactions. At the current state of development, EasyERP cannot manage your bank accounts automatically, you will have to do the actual transaction via available ways of controlling your bank account. However, you can keep track of all of your accounts in banks all around the world in one program. You will have to mirror all of the real transaction in the EasyERP. It is very easy to do using the cash transfer tool of the EasyERP Accounting module. To enter this segment simply press the Cash Transfer button in the main menu, as you can see here:


cash transfer main menu

When you open up the Cash Transfer menu you will see a window with all previously done transactions. They are listed in form of a table, sorted by the transfer number.

You can see that each item on the table has following fields:

  • Name - every transaction will have an identifier, a unique name, it will help you to determine a specific transfer;
  • Date - the exact date when the operation was made;
  • From - from what bank account the cash has been transferred;
  • To - bank account that has received the money;
  • Amount - how much money was sent.

Here you can see an example of how this menu will look like in EasyERP accounting module:

EasyERP cash transfer view

Creating a New Transaction

If u want to register a transfer of some money from one of your bank accounts to another you will have to create a new cash transfer in the EasyERP accounting module. To do so, press the New button at the top of the screen:

new transaction button

This action will open up a window where you can create a cash transfer. This window has the next look:

new cash transfer menu

Let’s have a better look at what fields are accessible for data entry:

  • Date - the date of the cash transfer, by default this field, will autofill with the current date. But EasyERP Accounting module allows you to create cash transfers behindhand, in case you have forgotten to register them in time
  • From - here select an account from the drop-down list. The cash will be withdrawn from this account. The list will display all of your registered bank accounts
  • Balance - this field will represent the amount of money currently available on your account that you have selected in the from field
  • To - one more drop down list, here you can select a receiving account, on which the sum will be deposited

Keep in mind, that you cannot transfer money from an account if the current balance is less than the sum you want to send. For this purpose, we have added the Balance field. All of the fields are necessary to fill in order to create a transaction.

After you have inputted all the data, press the Create button to finish the Cash Transfer procedure.

Delete a Transaction

EasyERP Accounting module gives you full control over the transactions. This means you are free to delete the transaction if you need to. In order to achieve this, you will have to do next few easy steps.

At first, you will need to select one or several cash transactions that you wish to delete. To do so tap the check boxes to the left of the corresponding cash transfers. In reaction to this the, already familiar to you, New button will turn to Delete button. Now all you have left to do is to press that button, and confirm the operation in browser dialogue window, as you can see here:

delete transaction gif

That’s it you have deleted the cash transfer, from EasyERP database. This action simultaneously has deleted all of the journal entries that are representing this transaction. Also, it has reversed the operation, it means that cash had returned to the sender account, and was withdrawn from the receiving bank account.