Introduction and overview

Have you ever been afraid when starting to work with some new complicated software? Don’t be scared. The purpose of this Shopify overview is to give you enough basic knowledge about EasyERP and how it can be integrated with Shopify platform. If you have multiple Shopify stores or if you want to manage all your business from one place then EasyERP is a good solution that suits all your business needs.

EasyERP allows you to keep all products, sales orders, shipment statuses, inventory, customers data from all your stores in one place. Shopify integration and synchronization with EasyERP platform can be done in few clicks and will take you just few minutes. It has never been so easy to manage your shop-related data from one place. Do you have several different shops using Shopify? No problem. Our EasyERP system can handle it for you. Below you can find more information about connecting EasyERP to your shop and how it works. To get deeper and more detailed information on how this ecommerce platform works with EasyERP please find the topic of your interest in our user guide.

This Shopify guide will help you get started with Shopify in short time. The first and important thing that you always should keep in mind while working with EasyERP is that it has higher priority than Shopify platform. It means when you start synchronization, first all data from EasyERP will go to your Shopify back office and then all products from Shopify will return back into EasyERP. To avoid misunderstanding, mistakes or possible errors we strongly recommend use our system to fulfill products and inventory, and only then publish and synchronize it with your store. The advantage is that you can manage all your business from one place – buy products, create variants, add options, manage warehouses, employees who work with you, bank accounts, expenses, everything you need for your business. Even if you prefer to manage your ecommerce business from Shopify side then you definitely need to know how it works, all limitations and restrictions, all processes and flows between EasyERP and Shopify store. And this user guide is aiming to help you with all of this.

So let’s get started with Shopify integration and synchronization.