Workflows is where you can customize all the possible statuses (sales pipelines, progress bars) for all modules  and sections where it is available in EasyERP.


You can’t add or create new ones, all that`s possible is to customize existing workflows for modules that already present in the system. You can add new custom flow with using 5 possible preinstalled system statuses:

  • New;
  • In progress;
  • Pending;
  • Done;
  • Cancelled;

Let’s have a look at how it can be applied to Opportunities, for example. Here we have few workflows: To estimate, Done estimate, Send offer, PM approve, In development, Lost. So you can measure the probability to win the opportunity and start the project, sell the product or service. And we are going to a new Stage into it and afterwards delete it.

  • Click Add workflow button;
  • Enter name for workflow;
  • Select status from drop down;
  • Click Save button.



To edit any Stage hover the cursor over it and click appeared Edit button. Make the changes you need and press Save button. While deleting it is way easier: hover over necessary Stage, press delete and confirm your choice.