Access profiles

Profiles in EasyERP are meant for user access management in the system. When you add a new user into EasyERP system you assighn him permissions, such as: creating, reading, editing or deleting items. As example: if you add project manager into EasyERP then you give him the possibility to CRM, Project modules, tasks; HR manager – access to HR module; accountant – access to Account module etc.


For each module you can enable or disable View, Write/Edit or Delete permissions as on the image above. This applies also to every section inside each module, just on click necessary module and it will open up.

Creation of new profile is quite a trivial task.

  • Click New button.
  • Enter Profile Name;
  • Enter Description;
  • Select Base profile;
  • Choose Create new profile from scratch or Use base profile and edit privileges;
  • Click Cteate button.

Base profile means that you`re going to create new profile using the one you’ll choose by slightly modifying it. And Create new profile from scratch speaks fo itself, you`re just forming completely new profile.

new profile


  • Assighning Delete permission automatically assighns also View adn Write/Edit permissions.
  • Removing View rights also discards other 2 types of permissions
  • Adding Write/Delete rights turns on also View rights.
  • Disabling Write/Delete also disables Delete rights.

You may observe these issues in gif which also explains profile Editing process:

editing profile


And that`s probably it! Unless there is only Deleting issue left to be covered, but it`s as easy as pie: select desired profile and press Delete button. And now you know how to manage