Purchase dashboard

Purchases module is a place where you conduct and control all necessary for your business acquisitions, so it could run smooth and silky. Here you may Order needed goods, equipment, materials and services as well. Sure thing, all related invoices are kept here too in Invoices section. And, of course, how will you run all this process without proper financial control which is represented by Payments section. Also, as you may have guessed, Purchases module is closely tied with Expenses module, which is almost logical continuation of the first one.

And all this routine starts with Dashboard, about which we`ll talk in this guide further on in detail.


Dashboard shows short, summarized and visualized reports (charts) of the whole acquisition process in your company. You can either set different time periods for each purchase report separately, or same time for all charts at once by pressing on Change date in all charts button, and further you may save all selected dates for all charts, just click on Save dates button which will appear near it. Every chart has View all button below it, which will lead you to its respective full menu (section) in Purchases module.

purchase dashboard

And let`s have a closer look at every tab represented in Dashboard.