About EasyERP

Information technologies in today’s business environment are not just about managing repetitive issues, it is about handling all daily activities. The market of business software offers plenty of solutions for boosting competitiveness and productivity. While running a business and dealing with various requirements, one can not perform all duties at once. So why not use a single software system able to manage numerous business components?

EasyERP is the intelligible software system that helps manage businesses, from startups and SMBs to enterprises. It is dynamic, user-friendly and contains all crucial functionalities like CRM, HR, project management, accounting, purchases. It is an “open source” solution, perfectly flexible for customizations. It is simple, accessible to download, install and use directly.

About this guide

This user guide is aimed to provide a step-by-step manual on how to use and work with EasyERP, as well as to instruct users to the tiniest detail. Our goal is to show how to use the system, what are its features and functionality, how to use it effectively to manage your business. This guide is of most value to CEOs, business owners, top managers, and those with anĀ ambition to enhance their business performance by stronger management.