This section of HRM is a visual representation of employees’ vacation days. The table displays in calendar view for a current month, with names, departments and marked days. Total number of vacation days is calculated for every employee (last column on the right) and for each day (bottom line).


Users can add employees to vacation table, mark vacation days, edit vacation types, delete employees from the table, select a month for display, sort list by employee name and/or department.

4 types of employee absence is marked by the following letters and colors in the systems:

  • V (red) - for vacation;
  • P (yellow) - for personal;
  • S (blue) - for sick;
  • E (green) - for Education.


You can simply click on any day next to an employee and select one of those options. This is one of the ways to add vacation days to the table. After any changes or edits made in the table do not forget to click Save button.

New vacation

To add vacation days for a certain employee to the table you can just find the employee from the list in a first column, select a month and mark the dates. First time users with empty vacation table will need to click New button in top of the page. Then a new line will be added to the table for an employee.