This section of HR is a calendar table of personal daily attendance for every employee. The table displays all days and months for a selected year and employee individually. Working days properly attended are plain numered cells in the table, and days of leave are color marked ones. That data is gathered from Vacations section of HR.

There’s no extra functionality here, you can just view the attendance calendar. The bottom line below the calendar contains information about working and vacation days: numbers for selected year and numbers for a year previous to the selected one.


Attendance calendar

This is a calendar for individual attendance. All you have to do is to select an employee and a year, after you’ll get the table with all days in all months with marked cells. Unmarked cells represent fully attended days of work by an employee, and days on leave will be marked with color. So you can instantly see when a person was on vacation, personal leave, sick leave or educational leave.


Below the calendar you’ll see some summarized data about number of working days in a selected year, and number of days on leave.