Introduction and overview

If you are looking for the in-depth and detailed instruction about how EasyERP multichannel system can integrate with Etsy shop(s) then you have found the right article. Here we will uncover every little part of this process. This Etsy introduction and overview will guide you through all the processes that are going to provide you with a solid understanding about all ins and outs of the EasyERP integration with Etsy.

So, what is an integration in a first place? Integration is a process that will make your business and life easier. How you ask? It will take all your products, orders, customers, payments and many more pieces of information that has been registered in Etsy and put it in the EasyERP database. And vice versa, all of the previously mentioned instances that have been  created in EasyERP will be shown in your Etsy shop.

Now you may ask what kind of improvement this is, what this procedure can give you, and how can it make your business easier and better, and in result make your customers happier. Well, imagine that you, for some reason, have several shops on Etsy, or on Etsy and some other eCommerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify.  In this case, in order to keep up with all orders, products, payments and much more data that is needed to successfully run a business you will have to constantly be logged in to administrator panel of those shops, and make all changes manually. EasyERP multichannel system can liberate you from this dreadful time-consuming work. If you synchronize your shop or shops with EasyERP you will be able to make any adjustments and actions that are possible from the administrator panels of that shops, but in one place, and much easier and faster. This Etsy introduction and overview gives you  basic understanding of advantages from integration Etsy shop with EasyERP.

If you do integrate, you won’t have to worry anymore about inaccurate orders, customer or item data, other issues that negatively impact your business performance. The results of EasyERP & Etsy integration give you more time and energy to concentrate on your customers, your most valuable asset. Your customers will profit from this integration of EasyERP with Etsy greatly, there would be no chance that you put out an item that is already sold out (unless you intend to). If you integrate these two systems it will allow you to run business in a way that places your customers first. They will show their appreciation by buying from you again and again.

In order to have full understanding about the process of integration we have provided a series of articles, that will highlight all the details and provide you with more necessary information. To have in-depth knowledge on how to integrate your shop or shops with EasyERP you will have to read them.