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20+ Tools to promote your Etsy business

Larry Jensen-Pratt 02/12/2016

The less time we spend doing insignificant tasks the more liberated we become. If you run an Etsy business you probably want to do it properly and increasing sales. Here is the list of 20 plus  popular tools (applications) to optimize and promote your Etsy shop.  


When you need to perform SEO audit of your Etsy shop, Marmalead is great to see what are the popular keywords that users type in. The most valuable feature – tag analysis. Search by the tag of your interest and you can see total number of matches on the market, competing shops, minimum/maximum/average price, and list of all related tags as well. Extra features like Shop Fitness Calculator can help improve an Etsy business nicely.

etsy shop promotion tools

Etsy Sales Maps

Just for $5 annual subscription you can get a clear picture of your Etsy business sales geography, using Etsy Sales Maps. This application gathers data daily based on orders from a shop and build a map of cities and countries. How can one use this for ecommerce promotion? With social media sharing features: one can view the map, share it on social platforms, or embed it into your own site.

etsy shop promotion tools


If this than that” – is the principle behind this freeware service which builds a chain of conditions (also called “applets”). So two separate actions, even on different platforms, could be connected and a specific action triggered. To put it simply, say you are offline and can not check your Etsy business. A sale happens – first event, and a consequent second event should follow. It can be an SMS sent to you, a record created in your system, etc. The number of various applets is impressive, as well as Twitter and Instagram posting abilities.

etsy shop promotion tools

Etsy Gadget

With probably the most popular feature – listing position in Etsy search, Etsy Gadget is a simple and neat service to check relevancy of Etsy shop listings. Searching by word (combination) or the shop title one can analyze the results and find better keywords. In addition, it offers free browser extensions that track Etsy users activity, like Heart counter, Clickathon, Address print.

etsy shop promotion tools


Images are crucial to the success of any Etsy business store. They must be unique, eye-catching, creative, bold and truly representative of a product. Enhancing photos in a modern way is possible with FotoFuze. The coolest option here is adding professional backgrounds and dimensions to product images. All you need to do is to sign up via Etsy, upload an image, select an area to keep, remove poor background and add a great one. Processing usually takes less than a minute. Both free and premium plans available.

etsy shop promotion tools


Backtsy is great in the way that it makes an automatic and complete backup of your Etsy shop. Depending on a pricing plan it can be daily/weekly/monthly backup. Why would one need this? Etsy can block your shop or suspend your account without warning, that’s one reason. A second one could be shop updates or wish to bring back previous versions.

etsy shop promotion tools


What are top ranked sellers on Etsy? You can check top shops by category or by country, and even on a daily basis using this CraftCount tool. Numbers based on sales are updated every day and summary by each category is given. If your Etsy business is not in those top stores, you may check those and see what are they doing that brings them more sales, right?

etsy shop promotion tools

Etsy Finds

“Fresh trends and editor’s picks” is kind of newsletter feature by Etsy itself worth checking out for all Etsy sellers to stay up to speed. As Etsy Finds follows customer trends and shopping patterns, it can be a fantastic set of ideas for Etsy business keywords and tags. The goal primarily is not to get listed in Etsy Finds, but more so to better the chances of your products showing up in search.

etsy finds tool

Etsy Rank

Etsy Rank is a suite of various tools to enhance an Etsy Shop – keyword analysis tool, SEO and rank checker tools, listings’ review, grammar checker, social media strategy audit, etc. Arguably, the most powerful one is Listing audit, as it checks all of your shop listings, rank them by Etsy or Google practices, highlight all good titles, tags and descriptions. So in a way, one can see what one is doing right, and follow that way everywhere to gain more competitiveness. More little nice things are there too, like Profit calculator or Shop critique.

etsy shop promotion tools

Seller Tools

Kit for social media marketing, plus managing of sales events and coupons, plus automation for posts scheduling all in one place? Yup, this service for Etsy shop promotion seems good, and is in use by many sellers. Plenty of testimonials to check out on their site. Also tools for keywords, trends, analytics, reports included.

etsy shop promotion tools


The tool that analyzes competition in your Etsy shop category and suggests proper prices for your items. PriceWoot uses some kind of engine for predictive analysis (at least that is what they claim) for sellers to stay competitive, tracks down all shops data, tags, prices, top customers et cetera. Can be very helpful at times!

etsy shop promotion tools

Etsy On Sale

A nice one for scheduling sales events, EOS offers three key options: 1) Sales event manager – to set sales events periods for your Etsy shop, for example automatic price changes back and forth, 2) Tag tool – to edit store tags in bulk, 3) Auto renew – to update and optimize shop listings. EOS offers so called “credit packs” for varied value, from $10 to $25, which is kind of a point system for actions users do.

etsy shop promotion tools


Promote your Etsy store on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter easily in few clicks, say creators of MySocialPig application. To try it out, one can schedule 10 posts on social media within trial period. Setting posts for specified products, for wanted intervals, editing scheduled posts, tracking posts performance – simple and straight to the point.

etsy shop promotion tools


Connecting all your online stores and sales efforts in one place, Vela allows bulk editing of Etsy shop listings. Currently in beta version still, though it’s free and can do you good. With it one can take care of editing titles, tags, categories, quantities… so if you have, say, few hundreds listings you’ll get a great helper.

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One of the most powerful and most popular tools for social media efforts for any Etsy shop around. Spreesy is compatible with almost all networks, and integrates with Etsy as well as with Shopify. Automation for sales invoices, payments, checkouts is also available. Service charges 3% fee per sale.

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Mad Mimi

Nevermind the funny childish sounding name, Mad Mimi is actually nice email marketing (newsletter sendouts) tool that any Etsy shop can benefit from. How so? Mad Mimi has Etsy integration among others, which syncs it with your store and you can add listings or products to emails with no trouble.

etsy shop promotion tools


Similar to previous email marketing tool, WiseStamp is the application that helps create an unique and professional email signatures. And Etsy sellers can use it too to get more replies and generate more leads.

etsy shop promotion tools

Another social media marketing tool, Around takes your Etsy store into use and automatically creates tweets with pictures. Using it sellers can build up social marketing plans for weeks ahead, leveraging hashtag manager and collage tools. Different schedules for different social networks. As bonus – add funny GIFs.

etsy shop promotion tools


If one finds the shipping process on Etsy slow or complicated, try to connect your store to Shippo to get access to major shipping providers. This would qualify your Etsy shop for lower shipping fees, isn’t that awesome? Also, API for tracking, international shipping, creating batch labels. Top-notch!

etsy shop promotion tools


Running an Etsy store also means finances, spendings, invoices and taxes. Smaller sellers growing up to a need of accounting may use this simple GoDaddy bookkeeping application. Monthly plans for $10 or $15 is really a good option to run and track everything in e-commerce finances.

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Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks is a bit more advanced accounting service for small retailers. It has more features and options for Etsy shop owners, as online accounting software. For instance, tools to keep track of money flow, connecting bank and credit card accounts, sending invoices. Clear selection by a business type. Also, they offer extensive learn & support materials, tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions on their site to help you out.

etsy shop promotion tools

In addition

That is of course, not an exhaustive list of tools for Etsy shop promotion. Etsy itself has certain capabilities for research, advertising and promotion. For example, have you noticed how you can use Etsy Search for keyword suggestions? It works just like Google – the moment you start typing in something it shows the list of most popular related phrases.

Etsy search for keywords

Etsy Finds is the other one that we’ve mentioned above to see what is trending. Also, a shop on Etsy can get organic likes (favorites) and ratings from 1 to 5 stars. That could be another way to seek potential customers, those users are well familiar with Etsy and are already there.

Etsy faforites for lead generation

You can also find various tools and apps suggested by Etsy. Or you can even use Etsy API to develop your own piece of software. So possibilities are abundant.

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