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Sites Like eBay, or How to Choose Alternative Marketplace in 2017

EasyERP Team 23/03/2017

If for some reason you feel that eBay is not for you then then this article is definitely for you. Here you will find a detailed comparison of the best sites like eBay, auction sites, in other words eBay alternative in different aspects. So, you can find a marketplace that will suit you and your business the most.

Why should you look for sites like eBay?

Since 1995, eBay has been one of the most popular marketplaces and auction sites in the whole world. It helped thousands of enthusiasts to become successful, and create and run the profitable online store from home. But time has passed, and some questionable policy changes have driven away a lot of users. People have begun to seek for sites like eBay and eBay alternative.

And the internet has answered with newly emerged new marketplaces, that solve problems which eBay could not. And do that in a variety of ways. This article was created to help you decide what suits your needs the most. If you don’t want to read the whole article you can follow the diagram below, and select a site with a suitable solution for you.

sites like eBay find your eBay alternative or best auctions sites

1. Amazon

The biggest rival of the eBay is, of course, Amazon. It’s hard to imagine, but Amazon began as a humble online bookstore. Since then, it has been developed into one of the world’s most visited websites like eBay and auction sites. It is, probably, the first website you will find when you’re looking for sites like eBay. Amazon offers millions of products across a wide range of categories.

sites like ebay, amazon

A large amount of Amazon revenue, almost 25%, is generated by third parties. This fact proves that any retailer can reach Amazon’s enormous customer base compared to other auction sites. But there will be strong competition, so get ready to fight for your customers. For inspiration, you can view the most successful merchants on Amazon here.

One of the reasons for such a big amount of sales on Amazon is the high user engagement. For example, in 2016 US users left over 13.5 million reviews. It’s a lot for e-commerce, and sites like eBay, because it gives a shot for smaller sellers. They can receive good reviews and outrun their bigger competitors. Another reason for Amazon success among other auction sites is their great Seller Central. It helps you to automate the whole process of selling for a small company, and this feature is relatively cheap, therefore it is a handy tool to have on sites like eBay.

Don’t forget, that Amazon also has implemented an algorithm that will recommend your products to people who might be interested in them based on their search history. So, let’s review the prices and fees of the Amazon:

Individual: 40 and fewer Products Sold Per Month

  • Sales Fee % is based on the category, approximately 8-15%
  • No Monthly Subscription Fee
  • $0.99 for each item sold (on top of %fee).

Pro Merchant: More than 40 Products Sold Per Month

  • $39.99/ month (no $0.99 fee)
  • Sales Fee % is based on the category, usually between 8-15%.

For example, for a product sold at 200$, you would have to pay $31.35. Please note, this is important, merchants do not pay per listing fee as they do on eBay and other auction sites. Not bad when you consider the sales volume and high user engagement!

Amazon vs eBay

Here is a list of advantages of Amazon:

  • Amazon has as large client base, the biggest among sites like eBay and a wide range of product categories compared to other auction sites
  • eBay is essentially an auction site, so unless you choose to list your item as “Buy It Now” people will bid to buy and it might take a week to sell an item. Amazon is a traditional retail store, and every sale is instant with a fixed price. This means that you would not have to wait a week to sell an item like you would do on eBay
  • On Amazon, you can list an item for free, and don’t worry about losing money, because you lose nothing if a listing is unsuccessful. On the other hand, eBay charges sellers for every listing on the site, regardless of success, as well as taking a commission when a sale is made
  • Because eBay doesn’t actually sell anything by itself it does not provide any additional services to buyers. This means that it is all up to you. Amazon excels in this field, it offers many perks for the Prime members and a great service package for customers. Which brings them to your store again and again. This gives Amazon an edge over other auction sites

To summarize:


  • High Traffic;
  • Name Recognition;
  • They can ship items for you at their fulfillment center.


  • Lots of competition;
  • No auction format;
  • High sales fee.

2. Etsy

Etsy differs from any of the sites like eBay and other auction sites in almost every way. It was created in 2005 by Rob Kalin and it is a selling site, that specializes in all handmade. It was developed as an online community for all sorts of creators and vintage enthusiasts. Now, Etsy has 1.5 million merchants and 22.6 million customers. Not bad, you may say. Also, it came out on top as the Sellers’ Choice for ease of use. It is the top pick after eBay and Amazon.

sites like ebay, Etsy

But Etsy is not for everybody, you have to meet few requirements to be able to sell on Etsy. This aspect distances Etsy from other sites like eBay and eBay alternative. First, everything that is listed on a website has to be handmade, vintage or a craft supply. Second, you can only sell products that you’ve made by yourself. If you fit into this category then Etsy is a great choice for you. Because it’s becoming one of the biggest names in E-Commerce along with Amazon and eBay.

One of the advantages of Etsy over eBay and other sites like eBay and eBay alternative is that the majority of items are truly unique, a lot are handcrafted and one of a kind. So you won’t find any of the big brands on this market. This is a huge difference from the auction sites. But we are sure that you will find something special on Etsy.

Now let’s break down the numbers. Each product listing on Etsy costs a certain amount, exactly $0.20. If for some reason, these items are not sold in four months, you will have to pay again to renew it. Also, there is a 3.5% fee that applies to a final selling price, excluding postage cost. An advertisement is not free either, you will have to pay up in order to promote your products. Here is a full list of fees and charges.

Etsy vs eBay

Etsy differs from eBay, but we can compare them and find positive and negative things off Etsy. First of all, it’s not one of auction sites. So pros are:

  • Etsy and eBay are similar in a way that they both charge per listing but overall Etsy is cheaper and simpler;
  • Etsy has better customer support.


  • eBay gets more traffic than Etsy with its larger market and audience.
  • You can sell almost anything on eBay, but on Etsy, you are limited to the handmade and vintage. eBay has popular brands, but Etsy’s buyers enjoy the uniqueness of the products;
  • No auction format.

3. Bonanza

If you seek through the internet for something like “Sites like eBay”, “eBay alternative”, ” auction sites” then surely you have seen Bonanza advertisements. It has the tagline, “Better than eBay? Thousands of sellers think so”.

sites like ebay, bonanza

We can’t sign below this statement, but there is no smoke without fire. So if you are looking for a substitute for eBay, be sure to analyze Bonanza. They have a slogan on their main page that says: “find everything but the ordinary”. According to that, you can sell almost anything, but unlike eBay and other sites like eBay and eBay alternative, the most of the items on Bonanza are unique and quirky.

Bonanza is quite new to an e-commerce scene, but despite that, it is doing very well. The headquarters of the company is in Seattle.  There are more than 22 million items currently listed on Bonanza’s internet shelves and over 40,000 merchants are represented there.

Another major difference from other auction sites including eBay is that Bonanza is not an auction, every listing item must be fixed-price. If you already have a working eBay, Amazon or Etsy shop then moving to Bonanza will be a breeze. They have a powerful and easy to use import feature. So you will be able to import your listing from the mentioned shops without major headaches.

Now, let’s talk about prices. This is no coincidence that Bonanza is one of the most profitable marketplaces among sites like eBay and eBay alternative, according to the EcommerceBytes. This is because of relatively low selling fee, only 3.5%, and free listing. This means that the marketplace doesn’t make the profit unless you do.

  • Sellers can choose to increase their advertising commissions (the percentage of the sale price the seller pays) to gain exposure for listings on the site
  • Merchants can publish listings on other online shopping engines, like Nextag or Pricegrabber
  • Shoppers to sellers ratio on Bonanza is higher: 1,300 to 1 on Bonanza vs. 10 to 1 on eBay
  • Easy-to-use import features for listings on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon
  • Bonanza promotes itself as ‘seller friendly’ and has a very user-friendly business platform, meaning sellers don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty
  • You don’t need to have an account to shop with Bonanza, no sign up is necessary

Bonanza vs eBay

So what do we have as the result? How well does Bonanza stand up to eBay? Here is a list of pros and cons.


  • Bonanza is cheaper. Average fee per sale is 3.5% and it is free to list a product;
  • It is a fixed-price marketplace, customers pay the listed price;
  • Quick share with Google and Bing. On the top of that, you have the ability to get more exposure if you buy advertisements on Pricegrabber and Nextag, they are a part of the affiliate program.
  • Easy import from eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.
  • The shoppers to sellers ratio are higher on Bonanza, so less competition.


  • Bonanza’s monthly traffic is lower than eBay’s,
  • Limited product range, items on Bonanza are quirky and unique.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is the best option for merchants that sell locally, and like to manage all of the transactions manually.

sites like ebay, craigslist

But don’t think that Craigslist is a small market place, it is huge in fact. There are over 80 million ads posted every month and over 60 million sellers there. So it is one of the biggest among sites like eBay and eBay alternative. No wonder that it is in top 10 most visited sites in the USA.

There are many reasons for such a huge success. We believe that the main one is that you don’t have to pay Craigslist anything, a listing is free and there are no network fees. On the downside of that there is no protection from scammers, so you will have to be careful.

Also, it can be a great place to sell products that are too big, too expensive or too fragile to ship. Some sellers like this feature in auction sites, because they can meet their customers and get cash in their hands.

Another great thing about Craigslist is their design, or rather the lack of one. It is only HTML web page, no CSS. Because of this no “bells and whistles” policy, it is fastest working marketplace among sites like eBay and eBay alternative.

Overall, Craigslist can be a great starting point for any merchant, because it gives you access to a great number of potential customers for free and will charge you nothing for a successful sale, and their primitive design is easy to get around.

Craigslist vs eBay

To sum up, how does Craigslist compare to eBay and can it be a good choice for you here are pros and cons.


  • No listing fees;
  • Huge customer base;
  • Very fast website.


  • eBay will get involved in disputes if necessary, Craigslist won’t.
  • Craigslist requires you to sell locally, and often you arrange for pick-up or drop-off of items.

5. eBid

eBid is very similar to the eBay, not only by name but by nature too. As you may already guess, eBid is one of auction sites. Its headquarters are based in the UK and the website was launched in 1999. At this point, it has over 2.7 million products on auctions.

sites like ebay, eBid

However, not all of the items are selling at auctions, as many other sites like eBay and eBay alternative, eBid has their own version of “buy now” feature. You can list items as “run until sold” auction, which is essentially the same, it is quite common on auction sites.

So, how much do they charge? Their fee on a final value is 3% but they do not charge any transaction fees. One of the major downsides of eBid is that it allows you to upload only one photo. To upload some more photos you will have to pay up. Here, you can read more about eBid fees and charges.

The positive thing is that there is a reward system. This is the reason why people choose eBid over other auction sites. Users can earn Buddy Points every time they buy, sell or enlist new members. Later, you can use these points in special Buddy Auctions run by eBid.

Unfortunately, for now, eBid is not as popular among the customers as sites like eBay and eBay alternative. Just imagine, eBay has more than 1 billion visits per month, and eBid has only up to 10 thousand. Thus, you will be selling to a lot smaller pool of buyers. On the other hand, it is a low-risk market to start selling on, so we can recommend it to you. Why is it low risk? You may ask. Because there is no listing fees and low commission per sale.

eBid vs eBay

Want to know exactly what you’ll get with eBid that you haven’t had with eBay, and vise verse?


  • eBid is much cheaper than eBay;
  • No listing fees;
  • User reward system.


  • eBay is a much larger platform than eBid and receives a lot more traffic.
  • eBid is similar to eBay in that they both have an auction-style format for product listings
  • Only one free photo per item;
  • They’re both trusted marketplaces with a wide variety of product categories.

6. Gumtree

If you are from the UK then you have, probably, heard of Gumtree. It is the biggest classified ads site in the United Kingdom. It was created by Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington in 2000. Their goal was to help new arrivals in London to find somewhere to live and work, but now it is far more than that.

sites like ebay, Gumtree

Gumtree is quite similar to sites like eBay and eBay alternative, but with a few differences. You can post ads for anything you would like, products and services, in any category. The statistics are impressive, more than 50 million views per month and over 1 million sales per week. There are also value-added ways to promote your ads on the site. For instance, paid for banners.

But there must be some downsides too. Sadly Gumtree is not available globally. Unlike other sites like eBay and eBay alternative, to utilize its full extent you have to be using it from the following countries or regions:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Ireland;
  • Australia;
  • Poland;
  • Singapore
  • South Africa.

What about prices? Gumtree is mostly free but their pricing policy cannot be simplified and presented in one or two sentences. All you have to know is that prices depend on which category you’re posting in and the location you’re posting from. For more details feel free to read through their article.

Gumtree vs eBay

Gumtree is a great rival to eBay on the certain markets. So it is a great alternative to eBay. Here are some positive and negative aspects of Gumtree comparing to eBay


  • Gumtree is mostly free;
  • A quite large customer base;
  • Any category you need.


  • Gumtree is not global, limited to a handful of countries;
  • Difficult pricing policy

7. Your Own Online Store as an eBay alternative

If none of the marketplaces mentioned above meet your needs then, there is a final, ultimate solution for you. You can create your own online store and don’t use any sites like eBay and eBay alternative. If this sounds good to you, but you don’t know how to achieve it, or maybe you have no idea where to start. Then we have a few options for you. We will describe them a bit further down.

The first major difference from sites like eBay is that, when you are making a business from your own website, you have to establish your own traffic. This is a hard step and it can take some time. However, when you achieve this you will not have to share your profit with anyone or pay any fees for every sale. The great thing about this option is that you will work for your own brand.

Consider this, when customers will buy something from you, they will know who exactly provided goods to them. To compare, if someone buys something from you on eBay, the will not tell their friends about you, the words will be “I got it on eBay”. They won’t mention your brand or name.

So, is it really that hard to create and manage your own online store? Honestly? Now, anyone can get their website and make a profit on it. This process is not nearly as difficult as it used to be. Two great options for creating and running your own store is using Magento or Shopify store. These services can help you set up your site like eBay fast and easy.

But for a much more pleasant and productive managing of your online store we recommend using EasyERP with your brand new Magento or Shopify store. Here are links so you can read more about mutual possibilities of EasyERP and Magento, Shopify in our blog, the bonus feature is the ability to integrate your shops with Etsy.

Your website vs eBay

If you still cannot decide what is the best decision for you, creating your own website or working some site like eBay. Here are some pros and cons, to give you additional information.


  • You can choose things like which payment forms to accept or tweak the design of your store to suit your preferences
  • You’re not competing with any other sellers on the same platform
  • No listing or selling fees
  • You’re building your own brand


  • Initial lack of traffic
  • Initial start-up costs