50 best shopify apps list

50 Best Shopify Apps for Sellers in 2017

Larry Jensen-Pratt 01/03/2017

As one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, with 100 million shoppers in 2016, Shopify has all tools to sell online, on social media, or in person. The key to making your web store successful outside the core Shopify functionality, lies in apps, add-ons and integrations.

These are extra features for your setup: from inventory management to social media marketing. So what are the best Shopify apps, hundreds of newcomer merchants type into Google search. Before presenting you some of best Shopify apps by category, a short instruction on where and how to get them.

Where to find Shopify apps

Shopify, like other platforms, has its own App Store page where retailers can find the right third party tools to optimize and enhance their stores. The store sorts apps into ten categories:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Tools
  • Reporting
  • Sales Channels

Over 1400 apps of every kind are there, and about 600 of them are free. And Shopify makes it easy to find the app for your needs. Classic search by name or by developer, plus by category or price.

how to find Shopify apps

There’s even a “Made by Shopify” section to recommend you apps that many see as truly the best ones. You just need to decide what additional features you need for your store and find a proper Shopify app.

Below, you will find a carefully selected list of 50 best Shopify apps, with 5 top apps in each category.

List of 50 Best Shopify Apps

Are you looking for tools to increase sales (SEO, marketing, social media)? Do you want to manage a store easily (for example, print shipping labels)? There’s a solution for all. Now, let’s go through each category and name some of best Shopify apps.

Shopify Apps for Marketing

#1 Sweet Tooth

Features: App for loyalty programs to offer to online shoppers, easy to set up, incentivized rewards to attract and make customers come back. 10 options available, like earning points to have a discount, membership for special offers, various small rewards.

Pros: Taking approximately 10 minutes to set up points-based loyalty and/or referral program. Works with Shopify POS. Integration with other ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Magento.

Cons: Some features are really available only in Premium plan – VIP tiers, reporting, customer groups, etc. Too short documentation for Shopify. Otherwise, a great tool, clearly among best Shopify apps.

Price: Free (Premium $59 – 399/month).

50 Best Shopify Apps - Sweet Tooth

#2 Mailchimp

Features: Email marketing for professionals. Creating nice MailChimp forms for your Shopify store with no need for HTML. As people find your store, view products, they may subscribe via email to your newsletter. You can also choose the exact pages to show the forms on – for extra-targeted lists of email addresses.

Pros: Easy setup – you need a MailChimp account, create at least one list of email addresses, and install the app to your Shopify store. Mailing lists can be collected based on clients purchase history. You can then send product recommendations appealing to particular type of buyer.

Cons: Free version is limited to 12,000 emails and 2000 subscribers maximum. MailChimp offers “pay-as-you-grow” pricing plans, with advanced analytics and more features costing you up to $34/month.

Price: Free (Plus plans of $6 – 13 – 34/month).

Mailchimp Shopify app

#3 Upsell

Features: Making visitors not leave a store without making a purchase. When a user cursor is moving to close, a pop-up window with the offer is shown. Same when a user is visiting for the first time, both options are available to set. Coupons, free shipping, special prices, gifts or any information message to clients.

Pros: Ways of using the app are diverse – you can as well inform visitors about promotion, support hours, etc. You can set additional conditions for showing the pop-up, like if a certain number of products in cart or during a certain time period.

Cons: Some extra options require advanced subscription. Thus, only that way one can see the statistics on number of popup views, which is crucial of course.

Price: Free (Advanced plan – $13.95/month).

50 Best Shopify Apps, Upsell

#4 Checkout Boost

Features: Offer potential customers more reasons to stay and continue with purchase exactly at the moment when they are willing to leave. The main feature of this app by Beeketing is the function to cope with exit intent. When such intent is detected on checkout page, the app automatically displays a popup page with offers free shipping or some free item.

Pros: Extra great option to reward customers when they share on social media. With this app web store owners may increase social media shares and overall presence while keeping existing customers engaged too. This feature, as I think, puts the app among best Shopify apps. Add to that free trial for 15 days, as well.

Cons: A lot of features and settings to learn and set it right at the beginning. But afterwards works fine. Has no basic functionality for free.

Price: $20 – 29/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Checkout Boost


#5 Bulk Discounts

This is a free app developed by Shopify.

Features: The app that lets you import discount codes into your store or create large numbers of discount codes for customers. Single use, limited use or unlimited use codes that expire after a certain date. A custom prefix for each discount. Keeping track of how many discounts have been used and calculating conversion rates.

Pros: Export of discount sets in a plain text format is one great feature. The ability to calculate conversion rates beforehand when setting up discounts is another.

Cons: Only works with US dollar currency. No ability to create discounts based on the number of ordered products.

Price: Free (Premium upon request).

50 Best Shopify Apps, Bulk Discounts

Shopify apps for sales

#1 Recurring Orders

Features: A Shopify subscription app for selling products, and the only one that allows subscriptions on individual products, a mixed cart or an entire cart as well. Customers can manage, edit, pause, skip, update and add-to existing orders. With over 60,000 installs, Recurring Orders is firmly established as one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: A trusted Shopify App partner, meaning first-class customer support. With the app online merchants can provide recurring subscriptions both for single product and the entire cart. Entirely automated workflow. Cancellation prevention feature. 90-day free trial.

Cons: The list of features and subscription options is actually quite vast to go through, so it may become a time-consuming task to install and setup the app.

Price: Free for 90 days / $20/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Recurring Orders


#2 Boost Sales

Features: A great tool to create up-sell and cross-sell offers, with no code or technical skills. Offers that encourage customers to purchase high-valued items or purchase bundles. Exciting customers with game designs – to reach a goal and receive sweet discounts. Last step up-sell offers on cart page.

Pros: One more Shopify app in the rich list of Beeketing development team. Extremely easy to use. Responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices. Live demo and 15-day free trial.

Cons: The price plan of $30 monthly plus 5% commission rate for products it helps you to sell – this is considered as too much and even as ‘greedy’ by many merchants.

Price: $30/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Boost Sales


#3 Yotpo

Features: The app for user-content generation and facilitation. Yotpo makes it nice and easy for your customers to write reviews after their purchases, from both on-site and signature in-mail review. Using content to increase conversion rate, boost SEO, establish trust and drive more traffic from social. Partnerships with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Pros: Yotpo generates 3x more customer reviews than any other apps, at least that is what its makers claim. Features are really wide – site and product reviews, photos, Q&As… any user-generated content in one platform. Numerous third-party integrations.

Cons: Quite complicated and over-saturated the app at times. Upgrades are expensive.

Price: Freemium / Pro – $399 / Powerhouse plan – $699.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Yotpo

#4 ReCharge

Features: If you are running a complex Shopify store with many returning customers, this app is for you, as it helps you and your customers manage subscriptions, prepayment, billing, etc. Some of the most famous brands use ReCharge app, like Nickelodeon, Nike, 5 Hour Energy.

Pros: Built exclusively for Shopify stores selling products on subscription. Free 90-day trial. Many integrations, such as Google Analytics, PayPal, Stripe. A robust billing solution powering stores to process daily orders.

Cons: Not all countries supported. Charging $19.99 plus a 1% payment processing fee on recurring orders. With 500+ recurring monthly orders negotiation with app providers is due to take place – probably a downside for some retailers, though it is a minor issue not restricting the app to be among best Shopify apps.

Price: $20/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Recharge


#5 InstaBadge

Features: Adds eye-catching badges to items on sale in your store to grab customers attention. Quick loading, easy editing, various types of badges like New, Sale, Hot, Free, Out of stock, etc. Custom titles also possible. Selecting images from gallery or uploading own. Setting badges for certain products or time.

Pros: Plenty of design options for badges. No need for programming skills, instant preview. Free basic version and live demo available. 7-day free trial.

Cons: Some users face minor technical glitches, though support team help to sort it out quickly.

Price: $5/month.


Shopify Apps for Social Media

#1 Social Login

Features: Makes signup/sign-in for your customers seamless with various social media channels options. This is impulse engagement. When placing a certain login button, you can select automatic option or paste code into your template. Works with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Instagram.

Pros: 15-days free trial. Payments handled by Shopify, not by the app, so no worries. Works as described and promoted. Many positive reviews and installations. Nice affordable price.

Cons: Some popular social networks omitted. You may require some scope of technical skills to set it up right.

Price: $1.5/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Social Login


#2 Outfy

One of my personal favorites in the list of best Shopify apps, and here is why.

Features: With this app you can share and promote products across multiple social networks, not just one of your preference. The importance of all types of social media channels can not be stressed enough in our age. App also allows post scheduling for a day, week, or months ahead.

Pros: Social media marketing automation specifically for Shopify web shops. Connect a store simply by name or URL. 24/7 customer support.

Cons: Somewhat strange pricing policy, that is custom defined prices for different Shopify stores, or 2 cents per share at times. Free trial of 7 days.

Price: Free / Custom.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Outfy


#3 Social Sharing Buttons

Features: Similar to Social Login app for Shopify, it helps online merchants to add SM login buttons to their stores. A proper alternative if you don’t like previous one or want more options. Such extra features include contact forms, ‘back-to-top’ buttons, Facebook live chat.

Pros: 14-day trial with premium tools included. Nice popups to promote products or sales. Possibility to embed testimonials by your customers. 10 most popular networks and more in works. Top-notch and one of the best Shopify apps.

Cons: Only works with 10 most popular social accounts. Some tools may not display on smartphones.

Price: Free / Starter – $10 / Premium – $50/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Social Buttons


#4 Social Autopilot

Features: This one is designed to taking some routine work off your shoulder by pinning new products to Pinterest boards and tweeting new products. It triggers automatically when you have new additions to your inventory. Setting a publishing interval to avoid spamming-looking feed is at hand too.

Pros: Posting at intervals, or randomly with a built-in feature, not to appear like posting bot. Various templates for tweets available, therefore they may look different every time. Easy setup.

Cons: Due to recent Facebook update on 3rd party apps not allowing them to post automatically to personal accounts, the app doesn’t work on Facebook as described. Also there are some troubles with its use with other Shopify apps, as user feedback suggests.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps


#5 Instagram Shop

Thousands of Insta-lovers are a definite proof of this app being included in our list of 50 best Shopify apps.

Features: As 65% of Instagram users check the feed to discover new brands or shopping inspiration, the app helps online sellers to turn Instagram into customer acquisition tool. How? By enabling followers to buy the product they see in your Instagram.

Pros: Embedding ‘shoppable’ galleries into your Shopify store. Link images to products so anyone can shop, not just view. Easy to use, fast setup. Copy-pasting and code embedding also possible.

Cons: Website and promotional campaigns full of hardly-clothed attractive young women, that may raise some eyebrows. Though I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Snapppt


Shopify Apps for Shipping

An integral part to any ecommerce business, with various and all-important aspects like drop-shipping, warehousing, delivery tracking. And now plenty of Shopify apps for shipping are there to help. Some of the best are these five below.

#1 Aftership

Features: Free app for shipping tracking that operates globally. It imports all shipment data to a single interface and both you and your customers can view order status. It also automates delivery notifications (email and SMS). Such positive customer engagement is what makes Aftership one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: A tracking page for each shipment, which is also customize – add brand logo, store URL or Instagram pictures. In addition, it is possible to embed tracking button to your store. Support of over 380 couriers worldwide, like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL Express for USA and Canada, and  Royal Mail, UK Mail, Yodel, Bartolini, Chronopost for UK & Europe. In use by 35,000 Shopify sellers.

Cons: Delayed response by up to 12-24 hours in some cases. Also, few couriers working with Aliexpress, the rising giant, not supported.

Price: Free / Premium – $10/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Aftership


#2 Shippo

Features: With Shippo, you can ship with 20 major carriers around the world plus print shipping labels for your orders in Shopify. One dashboard for bulk printing of shipping labels, generating  return labels, tracking shipments, drafting international documentation. Great stuff!

Pros: No monthly or extra fees, pay for postage only. Various useful features in one interface. Ability to compare carriers performance, receive discounts. Instant access to USPS commercial rates. Cloud-based nature of the application, meaning no software to install.

Cons: “Only pay when you print” pricing policy of 5 cents per label might be quite heavy on budget for some Shopify sellers who handle thousands of deals monthly.

Price: Free / Transaction fee.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Shippo

#3 Shipping Rates Calculator

Features: The actual shipping rate calculator along with geolocator that you can add to a shopping cart in your store. Great for customer engagement and decreasing abandonment. Using geolocation tool (with precise IP database) to calculate rates automatically, so users don’t have to think about that, easing their mind.

Pros: A map displaying customer location and the option to select a different one – how cool is that! Moreover, if there are few shipping options for a location, you see all options and respective  rates. Quite unique app in the list of best Shopify apps.

Cons: No free version, but it is worth it’s price. Some possible issues with checkout when paying via PayPal.

Price: $5/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Shipping Rates Calculator

#4 Has It Shipped Yet?

Features: This tracking app for Shopify stores allows your customers to follow deliveries through various options – email, tracking number, etc. Real-time tracking is also possible on some devices, as well as developer tools to design even more controlled order status tools.

Pros: Mobile-friendly order status page. Supported carriers – USPS, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post (and more shipping carriers on their way). Flexible pricing plans that go according to success of your Shopify store, and without surprises.

Cons: Limited carriers to work with, that do not include the ones mostly used.

Price: Free up to 100 orders/month. Premium – $9/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Has It Shipped yet

#5 Wholesale2B

Features: This is a Shopify listing tool to help you push products from any drop shipper directly to your store. Not the most popular app in Shopify App Store, but I see it as one of best Shopify apps for shipping purposes. You choose products you want to upload, and the app will automatically load them to your online shop to keep it up to date.

Pros: Over 1 million products from approx 100 suppliers. Order fulfillment process included – sending tracking codes back to your store, and more options. Precise controlling options, like setting up markups on prices, controlling shipping costs, edit prices by single items, viewing estimated profit and/or losses.

Cons: Limit of 10,000 products per account, that is installed to avoid flooding Shopify platform  with same products. The wholesale prices are not really wholesale in some cases.

Price: $30/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Wholesale2B


Shopify Apps for Inventory

#1 Oberlo

Features: Import products from AliExpress marketplace into your store, shipment of orders in few clicks, keep inventory and prices always up to date. Over 18,000 online shops using this app making gross $120,000.000 in sales since 2015 as iron-strong proof of being one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: Automatic order fulfillment – to ship a product click “Order Product” and confirm the order on AliExpress. Everything else is taken care of by Oberlo. Edit products as you wish, change titles, descriptions, images. Tools for shipment tracking. Multiple user accounts.

Cons: Certain complexity at customization stage, though support team is there to help. Features and use limited to dropshipping.

Price: Free / Pro – $30 – 80/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Oberlo


#2 Modalyst

Features: The app for sourcing, selling and dropshipping products. It is a suite of retail solutions in one place. Inventory levels in real-time, importing hundreds of items/records in one click. Great interface for smooth management, order tracking system, and communication channel to work with suppliers.

Pros: Manage numerous dropship suppliers as one. Ordering system that syncs with Shopify. Options to source, list, and sell large quantities of products. 14-day free trial.

Cons: Quite expensive to run. In some cases, slow shipping similar to 2 – 6 weeks average delivery period by Aliexpress.

Price: $35/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Modalyst

#3 Tradegecko

Features: Effective way of running multiple online stores, even in different regions and/or  different platforms. Accurate inventory maintenance across all channels. Ordering platform that is able to operate alongside your retail online Shopify store. Syncing your inventory and stock levels with Shopify in real-time.

Pros: Automatic import of sales orders and customer data. Managing both B2B and B2C sides of your retail business in one system. All stock, warehouses, currencies, taxes, price lists, etc. united.

Cons: This Shopify app may be a bit more pricey than some competitors, but it may be worth the cost for many. No support for historical data importing, but the company is working on it.

Price: $99/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Tradegecko

#4 Restocked Alerts

Features: Want to notify customers about restocked products? This one is for you then. Restocked Alerts helps to recover customers that have been potentially lost due to unavailable products. Online shoppers may leave their email to get notification upon restock.

Pros: Interesting fact – 95% of sellers receive product signups from customers within first 4 days of installing. Also, this is a kind of additional way to gain valuable insights about your most popular products. 14-days free trial. Simple and functional.

Cons: Hard to remove customers from database once they sign up for notifications. Most of pricing plans are pretty expensive.

Price: $15 – 80/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Restocked Alerts

#5 ByteStand

Features: Perfect for those merchants who have stores both on Amazon and Shopify. How so? Bytestand syncs your inventory from Amazon to Shopify. Strictly and only in that direction: from A to S. This is why I’ve set aside this app among inventory apps, and this is what makes it one of best Shopify apps, I believe. This is just for simplifying your work eliminating manual entry.

Pros: High resolution images, prices and full product descriptions all get transferred from Amazon to Shopify store. API available. Use of unique SKUs. Fees included in Shopify invoice.

Cons: Only 100 SKUs are free to import within first 7 days. Quite expensive pricing. Some legal issues undergoing with Amazon terms of service.

Price: $100 – 400.

50 Best Shopify Apps, ByteStand

Shopify Apps for Customer Service

#1 Facebook Chat

Features: Chat with customers using Facebook accounts. Simple and effective for any online store. View social profiles of customers to get closer to them and engage with them. And I don’t need to tell you why this is important. Access from anywhere, even on mobile phones and devices.

Pros: Totally free. Making your customers your friends on Facebook. Good tool for on-site real-time support. Many integrations go along, like Facebook messenger, Mailbot, Beeketing, Checkout Boost, Sellmob.

Cons: Could find any myself, nor find any complaints in user reviews.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Facebook Chat

#2 Help Center

Features: This app aids to create a highly functional help center through easy and searchable FAQ pages, as well as question submission forms. Allowing customers find answers on their own and reducing time and cost of support team is what places Help Center among best Shopify apps.

Pros: Making FAQ page look trustworthy and professional. Reducing support team time by 30%, by answering questions by shoppers before they appear in chat or inbox. Totally free.

Cons: Multiple design layouts, FAQ drafts, and some more features are in progress currently. Certain mixup at single or multiple categories level.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, HelpCenter


#3 Easy Contact Form

Features: This app offers professional and flexible contact forms while you do not need any coding skills. Embed forms or choose a prefabricated option, customize it, integrate social media and email provider. Many options available.

Pros: Option to add nice background images to your contact forms. Secure with Ajax and HTML5 technology in use. 14-day free trial with premium features in it, and what is great this means over 20 marketing tools by Zotabox developer company. Best Shopify apps list can not omit this app.

Cons: Limited amount of extra fields with the free version.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Easy Contact Form


#4 Loyalty Points

Features: This is a rewards app, as it allows your customers to earn points for discount purchases. No coupon codes, just reward points, which prove to be a great tool in driving so called ‘tough-sell’ products. Large combination of features for various business goals, from customer tiers to manual point adjustments.

Pros: A real-deal loyalty points program that grants customers points when they buy something. Later on they can redeem those points while making more purchases. Bonus points on specific products. Different customer levels to earn or redeem points faster. Expiry dates for points. Proper design and language control.

Cons: Could be quite complicated to install and set up. Free for 30 days, then a hefty pricing plans appear depending on customer numbers.

Price: $10 – 200.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Loyalty Points


#5 Tawk.to

Features: Live chat and messaging app. Tawk.to covers multiple websites and agents in one dashboard interface. It is compatible with all modern browsers, and offers free iOS, Android, Windows and MacOSX applications. ‘Holy Simplicity’ among 50 best Shopify apps.

Pros: Simple setup, only requiring to copy a single line of Javascript into your site, and a chat widget appears. The app supports group chats and analytics. Over 200,000 companies globally use it. Completely free.

Cons: You have to stay logged in to the dashboard at all times in order to keep chat status ‘online’. Some users complain about confusing dashboard UI.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Tawk To

Shopify Apps for Accounting

#1 Unify

Features: “Simplify and succeed”, says their motto. Unify is overly professional software for accounting purposes. Manage sales transactions from multiple channels (multiple Shopify stores, Amazon, eBay, Etsy). Post your sales directly into QuickBooks or NetSuite to ensure its timely, accurate and tax compliant. Receipts or invoices, record expenses and fees.

Pros: The app manages orders via automated records, tracking, and syncing. Organizing transactions based on input attributes. More features like inventory, shipping, and order management.

Cons: Quite expensive, so not really in use by SMBs or startups. Issues with QuickBooks. Complaints about support.

Price: $250 – 500/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Unify

#2 Quickbooks

Features: Order exporting to QuickBooks Online, easy financial reporting tools. 2 clicks and you can synchronize orders to QuickBooks, with all key details. Quickbooks also provides support from Shopify and Intuit, along with clear-cut accounting features, making it one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: Automatic daily sync of orders and refunds between Shopify and QuickBooks Online. Shopify payments and fees covered too. Order details include all line items, shipping and taxes. Tax agencies and associated tax rates based on imported orders.

Cons: Troubles with integration and multiple currencies. Complicated setup.

Price: Free / QuickBooks Online – $15 – 40/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Quickbooks


#3 Sufio

Features: The app for automating generation of invoices. It ensures global compliance, order creation, payment, or fulfillment. Options to send invoices by email or through download links. Sufio app supports over 20 languages. VAT numbers capturing. Downloading invoices as PDF documents.

Pros: Varied and useful functionality for accounting. Fully compliant with accounting legislation in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and EU countries. Thank-you notes to customers and reminders to debtors.

Cons: Standard package containing somewhat limited options.

Price: $9 – 49/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Sufio


#4 Tax Receipts

Features: Automated sending out tax receipts to customers. Option to select products that receive tax receipts and set percentage for partial payments. Store shoppers receive additional email (after order receipt) containing a tax receipt in PDF.

Pros: Easy to install, setup and use. Pure single-targeted functionality for accounting and customer engagement, quick and helpful support, putting Tax Receipts into our list of 50 best Shopify apps.

Cons: Lacking in UI and overall design. No brand logo on receipts.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Tax Receipts

#5 TaxJar

Features: TaxJar Shopify app is for automating sales tax reports and filing, managing sales and order history across all sales channels. Supervising compliance with state and local tax requirements. Filing taxes in minutes. Dashboard shows the amount of collected sales taxes and when next payments are due. Automatic data update daily.

Pros: Numerous third-party integrations. All your sales tax data in one place. Sorting data by any date range. 30-day free trial.

Cons: Works only for the US companies so far. User complaints about inconsistent advice on  state taxes.

Price: $19 – 99/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, TaxJar


Shopify Apps for Tools (Management)

From image resizers/optimizers, search bars and currency converters to discount countdown displays and drag-and-drop editing solutions. Now this is truly a crucial portion of best Shopify apps.

#1 Product Reviews Addon

Features: Allows automatic sending of emails to customers with reviews request of their recent purchase in your Shopify store. Shoppers send reviews directly via email, saving you time. And showing user reviews helps to build trust with customers, as well as to provide insight for better engagement.

Pros: Positive reviews bring 30% increase in conversions. Simple and clear functionality. Recent updates that have introduced Facebook and Instagram product ads and reviews to share.

Cons: Number of reviews in free version is limited to 50. Otherwise just a brilliant app for any online retailer.

Price: Free / Premium – $15 – 100/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Product Reviews


#2 Quick Announcement Bar

Features: Always keep customers informed about your store updates, promotions, special events, etc. Auto-display banner in your Shopify shop as an effective way to engage customers. Responsive and optimizable for PC, tablets, and smartphones. No app branding on banners.

Pros: #1 in Shopify App Store in this category so far, due to 5-star rating, many downloads and over 1000 positive user reviews. Hextom, a well-known developer and Shopify partner.

Cons: No option to show a bar once per user, as it resets for every page. No preview before saving.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Quick Announcement


#3 Sales Countdown

Features: Displaying the sale to your customers that is for certain items and for limited time only. It motivates nicely to make a purchase. Multiple timers for different products. Adjusting options for timers to match your Shopify store design.

Pros: Choose products for sale, create a countdown timer by selecting start and end dates, enter optional details, and done. Simple AF! Setting up in bulk possible too. Colorful links or buttons next to timers.

Cons: None.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Sales Countdown

#4 Best Currency Converter

Features: Manages conversion for over 170 currencies. It automatically detects location and chooses the proper currency, as well as allows customers to set currency themselves. There’s also a feature to inform customers when Shopify does not allow conversion on checkout. The app simplifies international purchases, reduces cart abandonment. Many more converter app exist but this has it really in the title, as one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: You can hide the converter to the background, so your customers will see the prices, however not the currency converter. “Elite” version full of many extra features, like various designs, price on hover, assign currency to country. etc.

Cons: Free version only for 5 currencies. Frequent experimentation with design, UI, fonts.

Price: Free / Elite – $10/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Best Currency Converter

#5 Instant Search

Features: As search bar is of the biggest conversion tools within your Shopify shop, the app adds a responsive search to it. In addition, the search will provide you with valuable insights on customers preferences. No coding, no integration, no maintenance. Suggestions based on popular products and customer history.

Pros: Analytics related to search behavior available. 30-days free trial. A dozen of ready design templates. Search filters can include price, vendor, weight, type, tags, or any other product option.

Cons: Pricing policy after the trial period not clear.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Instant Search


Shopify Apps for Reporting

#1 Compass

Features: A centralized solution that collects revenue and marketing data, offers accurate recommendations for your store. Follow key metrics, discover and solve problems. Business intelligence of a kind among other best Shopify apps. Tracking about 30 ecommerce metrics, including social media, organic search, Adwords.

Pros: Good for small and medium-size businesses presenting enterprise-level analytics. All basic features are free. Friendly email support with average 12 hours response time. Great benchmarks like conversion rate, bounce rate, repurchase rate, revenue growth, etc.

Cons: Free version very limited in possibilities, and no free trial. No ability to send reports via email.

Price: Free / Premium – $49/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Compass


#2 Data Export

Features: Robust reporting, tailored and various reports that you can schedule for release. The aim is to reduces a workload as well much costs. Pricing starts at $5 per month, and more costly plans have more reports. Exporting reports in formats, such as Excel, CSV, FTP, Google Drive & Sheets, Dropbox, fixed URL.

Pros: Automation, scheduling – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports. Preformed reports that are in use by hundreds of Shopify sellers. 15-day free trial. Price lower than other reporting apps.

Cons: A bit complex to comprehend, as it may seem to many of us. Many user complaints about the logic of reports.

Price: $5 – 20/month.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Data Export


#3 Vantage

Features: Data-driven intelligence in real-time dashboard. Great tool for analysis and marketing campaigns. It connects to Shopify platform, calculates key metrics (e.g., returning customer rate, average order cost) and predicts further store performance. It also optimizes and re-targets campaigns on Instagram and Facebook – average 10X return.

Pros: You can launch advertising campaigns, drive repeat purchases, upsell your existing customers and capture abandoned carts. Select from 9 custom audiences merged from your store’s shoppers to target your ads to. Over 100 metrics.

Cons: 30-day trial is paid and costs $99. Some additional fees on user interactions and blurry pricing policy.

Price: Free / Custom.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Vantage

#4 Semantics3 Analytics

Features: If you want to check some highly specific data from your store (e.g. how many of your customers are iOS users, who added products worth over $250 to cart) this one is for you. Semantics3 collects and organize customer behavior data, configures your dashboard accordingly. No programming or SQL skills required, so plenty to make it one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: You can segmented and sort customers by location, browser, purchase history, order count and more. 7-day free trial available.

Cons: The app is only free for stores with less than 50 orders. Overall pricing based on the number of lifetime orders on your Shopify store.

Price: Free / Custom.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Semantics3


#5 Kash

Features: The app assists in finding out what payment methods your customers use while purchasing items in your Shopify store. That way you can optimize it and enable those methods that work best, to improve checkout conversion.

Pros: Nice dashboard and design. Plenty of integration possibilities. Secure authorization and fraud prevention tools in place. A bunch of other tools for ecommerce and payment systems go along.

Cons: Good for US residents, but does not work in many countries and for many currencies.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Kash


Shopify Apps for Sales Channels

For integration with other major sales channels, Shopify has recently added this fresh new category of apps, so retailers are able to keep track of every aspect from their main store admin panel. Some of the final best Shopify apps in our list.

#1 Messenger

Features: Allows you to personalize your customers’ online shopping experiences. The app integrates with Facebook Messenger for product browsing and purchases. Allows you to engage and support customers. Available worldwide.

Pros: Made by Shopify. Both automated and customized messages. Quick response to customers requests. ‘Shop Now’ option directly in Messenger. Easy to connect with Facebook page.

Cons: Only English language supported for settings. A bit confused setting up process for Messenger and Facebook page itself.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Messenger


#2 Pinterest Pins

Features: Integrates your Shopify web store directly with Pinterest, so you can sell products through buyable ‘pins’. And customers can make purchases quickly without leaving the page.

Pins are rich in features, as they allow shoppers to save pins, share pins, and make purchases with pins. Great app to target Pinterest shoppers and thus one of the best Shopify apps.

Pros: Fast setup, transparency, easy management. Inventory and sales through Pinterest are managed on Shopify side. You can choose what products you’ want to feature on your Pinterest boards.

Cons: Does not work properly with gateways outside of Shopify. Some possible mishaps with titles of products not included in pins.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Pinterest


#3 Amazon

Features: Add the powerful Amazon sales channel to link your Shopify shop to the top marketplace globally. Then you can fulfill orders, manage inventory (across your sales channels), sync product details, variants and images with your Amazon account.

Pros: Made by Shopify so you know it’s good. Amazon as the world’s largest online marketplace. Creating Amazon listings directly from Shopify. The option to set unique prices and reserve inventory just for Amazon.

Cons: Requires active Amazon Seller Central plan of $39/month. Incorrect product ID syncing in some instances.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Amazon


#4 Wanelo

Features: The app integrates your Shopify store with Wanelo social marketplace to help expand your reach to new customers. Once approved, it associates your brand with this community. Orders placed on Wanelo are fulfilled within 5 days and give tracking numbers.

Pros: Millions of active online shoppers on Wanelo, 800K stores and 50+ million products. A single shipping rate per store (upside or downside?).

Cons: Only available to sellers with US social security number. 15% commission on fulfilled orders through Wanelo, plus 2.9% processing fees. Not nice.

Price: Free / Custom.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Wanelo


#5 Facebook Shop

Features: With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on Facebook. It creates Shop tab for your Facebook Page, so customers are able to purchase quickly without leaving Facebook. Inventory and sales via Facebook Shop you can manage in Shopify admin.

Pros: Works fine on any mobile device. Shoppers do not have to leave Facebook if buying in USD. App made by Shopify. Totally free.

Cons: Many user complains that the app hasn’t been working or working with errors. Average ratings.

Price: Free.

50 Best Shopify Apps, Facebook Shop


This has been our huge list of 50 Best Shopify Apps. Congratulations, you’ve made it through 🙂 What apps are you using for your Shopify store? Share with us.