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50 Best Etsy Apps by Category to grow Etsy sales

Larry Jensen-Pratt 10/03/2017

With over 24 million shoppers on Etsy one has to reach out actively to win some of them over. What are the ways to do so? Offering something unique and try to engage customers? Tools to do that? Here are best etsy apps prepared for you.

Most of them are developed by 3rd party vendors though endorsed by Etsy on their page. The great part is that these apps offer various features and can be helpful in numerous business aspects. You can find an app for social media promotion, sales increase, shipping, marketing, SEO and more. Our goal here is to present you best Etsy apps for any of your needs.

Where to find Etsy apps

As the biggest ecommerce platform for crafts, jewelry and everything handmade, Etsy has the page for official Etsy Apps. Apps both for sellers and shoppers categories, as well as for any devices – Android, iOS, tablet, etc.

There is the official Etsy shopping app to run your store from mobile, and there are some apps developed by Etsy. There are also app by other teams and inventors in the store. Browsing is easy, as you just scroll the list with descriptions. You may sort Etsy apps by Shopping apps or Seller apps, or use Popular / Newest / Alphabetical filter.

50 best etsy apps


To download and install an Etsy app that interests you, you have to click Visit website button and follow the instructions there.

List of 50 Best Etsy Apps

Currently, there are 239 apps on Etsy. We went through most of them to find out ones that stand out and select top-fifty best Etsy apps. As in previous post about Shopify apps, we’ve compiled them in groups by basic functionality, like apps for sales, shipping, accounting etc. Five Etsy apps in each group. So let’s start.


#1 Etsy Theme Shop

Features: Free design templates for your Etsy shop for web, mobile and tablet. Fine themes and designs for jewelry and floral shops, with cosy boutique-like feel to it. Also, a Facebook Promotions tool to embed to your page and get more likes and followers. Integration with WordPress as foundation for proper web site. A working demo and full tech support included.

Price: Free.

#2 Etsy App for Facebook

Features: Embed your Etsy store button to your Facebook page to get closer to potential customers. Better promotion possibilities and easy to install. When installed, the app automatically loads all your products from Etsy and builds a similar shop page in Facebook. Search form and design templates are available as well. Social media sharing options (Pinterest, Like, Share) to each item. One of the best Etsy apps, truly.

Price: Free – basic plan, $5 pro.

50 best etsy apps

#3 Merchpin

Features: Bridging a gap between content and commerce. Etsy shop plugins that add Buy buttons to your website, while WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, HTML5, Tumblr and few other main platforms are in connection. The app also syncs products from other stores on Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce. In addition, you have a nice marketing option of setting rules to display products outside Etsy, using URLs, keywords, etc. 30-day free trial.

Price: $9 basic, $39 pro, $99 enterprise.

# 4 Virb

Features: A dozen of eye-catching themes to choose from and customize. Simple and straightforward service with a single goal – to make your website/Etsy shop nice and good-looking. Adding other pages and social media links is also an option. Free from code and technical skills. Photo galleries, About pages, blogs and other basic features to promote your brand.

Price: $10.

#5 IndieMade

Features: Quite sophisticated solution to use Etsy themes and build your store from scratch. Aimed and focused on artists’ pages and promotion, as it supports images, video and audio content addition. It also has tools for SEO, marketing campaigns, web hosting so you can manage all without a hassle. News, event calendar, front store, custom domain, audio and video, image galleries, news feed, reporting and Google analytics – these are the features available. Besides, you can try all of them in 30-day free trial. Great stuff that makes IndieMade one of the best Etsy apps.

Price: $5 basic, $15 pro, $20 plus.

50 best etsy apps

Social Media

#1 MySocialPig

Features: Promoting your Etsy store on social media platforms and tracking the performance of these activities. You can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Saving time with social media automation. Just connect your social account to your Etsy, select products, media and frequency of posting. First 10 posts are free to try out.

Price: $4.


Features: Connects to almost all social media accounts – from Google Plus to Tumblr. Allows to plan daily and/or weekly posting activities for your shop. The app also integrates with Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, BigCartel and other ecommerce platforms. You can save favorite posts and share them everywhere across your connected accounts. Other useful tools are hashtags, image collages, GIFs, title tags. These rich features put in the list of best Etsy apps.

Price: $10 basic, $200 advanced, $500 pro.

50 best etsy apps


# 3 Spreesy

Features: Selling products directly from Instagram and Facebook. All you have to do is to find out where your customers hold an interest in. Then embed the option to buy with Spreesy there. The app makes all the automation for you, including invoicing, customer checkout, payments. Some marketing tools like discount codes and email list building are also available. Pricing policy of 3% transaction fee per sale.

Price: 3% fee per every sale.

50 best etsy apps


#4 SocialBoost

Features: The app for increasing social media followers and customer traffic. Running social marketing campaigns on Facebook, blog, web store, with your own set of rules and a disclaimer. You may offer coupons, discounts, enter-to-win, like-and-share etc. campaigns to your visitors and offer them reward points or giveaways of your products. From nice pop-ups on a website to easy setup campaigns to turn followers into customers. Free for first 10 leads/users.

Price: $20-30.

#5 Etsy-fu

Features: Exclusively focused on Twitter and tweeting out your Etsy listings automatically. Scheduling tweets of selected products and using proper tags to gain as wide exposure as possible. Analytics tools like Bitly included. And the whole first month of use is for free… Definitely one of the best Etsy apps if you are planning some social marketing activity.

Price: $5.


#1 PriceWoot

Features: Using predictive analysis engine to suggest proper prices for your Etsy listings. Collecting all the crucial tracking data and shop performance metrics, and especially your top-performing clients. Tag generator tools, so you can enter your keywords and find out popular tags and use them to gain more sales. Cost free for first 15 products.

Price: Custom.

#2 Etsy On Sale

Features: A great tool to manage any Etsy sales events, creating and running automated campaigns. Adding sales events either for group of items or each product individually. You may also select and set a discount amount for  items on sale, set titles, descriptions, prefixes that will be deleted after the sale ends. Call-to-action banners with similar options. And it’s free…Clearly among the best Etsy apps for handmade dealers.

Price: Free.

50 best etsy apps

#3 Seller Tools

Features: Promoting your Etsy store with ease, lots of tools for automation, promotion, marketing and analytics is what makes Seller Tools one of the best Etsy apps. Social media marketing kit (coupons, sales events, product reviews to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest), automatically added tags from your listings, sales events management, fraud prevention tools and more.

Price: $9 basic, $20 pro, $40 business, $80 enterprise.

#4 30-Seconds Catalog Builder

Features: Creating professionally looking product catalogs for Etsy and other ecommerce platforms. The app automatically builds a catalog from your Etsy listings of products. Simple drag-n-drop to customize and re-shape your store front. Both retail and wholesale catalog options available. Many layouts, image editing, captions and fonts, sorting by category.

Price: $59 basic, $99 pro.

#5 SalesMap

Features: Where or how to see what countries are you selling your items to? Is it possible specifically for Etsy shops? Yes, this is what SalesMap app does. Just this one thing and it is great to learn and analyze your business activities and then make corrections if necessary. The map of your customers is updated on a daily basis, and you can even embed it to your social media pages to boast about your achievements.

Price: $5.

50 best etsy apps



#1 ShippingEasy

Features: Keeping track of your sales orders, fulfillment and shipping easy… it’s in the title – Shipping Easy. That is the main purpose of this application. Sending real-time updates to your Etsy store or getting email notifications, as you wish. It works with international shipments too, as well as processing of orders outside your store. Other additional tools like picking and packing, returns management, 30-day trial, etc. Firmly, a ‘best Etsy apps’ award in shipping category.

Price: $29 – 150 various plans.

#2 ShipStation

Features: Streamlining order fulfillment process, importing orders from 60+ platforms including Etsy, connecting with all the major shipping carriers. Also features a free USPS provider account, and enables you to print USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL shipping labels for your store. The vendor also claims an exclusive “manage and ship from phone” feature via a mobile app, both Android and iPhone. Along with 30-day free trial it all adds up to name ShipStation one of the best Etsy apps.

Price: $9 – 25 – 45 – 65 – 95 – 145 plans.


#3 Shippo

Features: A global network of multiple carriers and a single dashboard to run’em all. Printing your Etsy store labels for packages to ship out, benefit from discounted shipping rates for US and international shipments. That way, you can avoid high post-office labels costs. For example, you may end up saving $6 on every USPS priority mail label. Other features include tracking, bulk labels, customer email notifications, international customs forms.

Price: $0.05 per shipment.

50 best etsy apps


#4 ATS International Shipping Tool

Features: Access Technology Solutions (ATS) offers the online system for international customers shipments. With this Etsy app you can pay your shipping charges and duties in one transaction, compile all customs documents and print shipping labels with customer data from your Etsy seller account. Then you can also allow customers to track packages. Though only for US-based sellers as of now, still a great tool.

Price: Custom.

#5 ShipRush

Features: Printing shipping labels (one by one or in bulk) and discounts collection. With this app you may also make packing lists, send tracking emails, use advanced order and shipment search, etc. Download orders from 25 major ecommerce platforms, print labels in bulk, both domestic and international shipping. Plus, ShipRush is free of charge for FedEx shippers… All this combined makes it one of best Etsy apps.

Price: $30.


#1 FotoFuze

Features: Great software for professional product imagery. Use FotoFuze to clean away unpleasant white/black or poor quality background from your product photos. Leave just the product to remove any distractions for online shoppers. Of course, it is recommended to take pictures on a white clean flat background. You can update and draft your Etsy listings right from the app. Good one.

Price: Free.

50 best etsy apps



Features: A little simple iOS/web app to turn flat product images into interactive ones (better customer engagement). All you have to do is link the app to your Etsy account, take a photo of some product you’re selling, tag it (a product), and share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr. That way, your brand images will introduce ‘one-click away’ information to your customers. Also, you’ll be able to measure views, likes and buys. What else other than one of best Etsy apps?

Price: Free.

#3 Whatify

Features: Do you know which of your product images get Etsy shoppers to click on them? If you do, good. If you do not, great news, as Whatify presents you with such data, based on metrics and statistics. It tests your images, one against another (usually the following one) and then collects data for 4 weeks, while you do your other tasks. Afterwards, you have the full picture.

Price: Free.

50 best etsy apps

#4 Etsy Treasury Slider Widget

Features: “Treasury” within Etsy community means a curated selection of sixteen items presented as a rotating gallery on front site pages. This widget (app) is a simple slider for Etsy users to showcase their ‘treasuries’. A clickable snapshot image leads to treasury page. It  can contain up to 10 treasuries, and has nice fade-in and fade-out effects. 3 basic image sizes are available.

Price: Free.

#5 Shoop!

Features: This is an e-commerce productivity type of app in our list of 50 Best Etsy Apps. Store images need not only optimization and interactivity but also a bulk management. You can upload product images to multiple marketplaces with Shoop. Make a picture, add description, upload it to your Etsy store and any other connected ecommerce platform. It also supports WordPress, WP-ecommerce, Woocommerce, Prestashop and Kaskus platforms, which is great for many sellers.

Price: Free.


#1 Craftybase

Features: Inventory and bookkeeping in one app. It is purposely designed for handmade manufacturing and all its intricacies. Calculating accurately your COGS (costs of goods sold) based on your manufacture and material cost history. Generating guidance reports with those  numbers. Tracks your manufacturing data, e.g. internal labor costs, materials costs. Keeps sortable lists of all materials with photos. Sounds complicated? Maybe, but it is truly among the best Etsy apps.

Price: $9 basic, $15 pro, $25 & $35 plus.

#2 RunInventory

Features: A fine inventory tracking tool, especially for small manufacturers/businesses. You can track current locations of every item, keep full sales history for all that has been sold (and analyze it), cooperate with multiple resellers, create inventory state reports, compare your store performance with resellers. Additionally, you may organize items by categories with custom properties.

Price: Free.

#3 SKUlabs

Features: How about a bar-code solution for Etsy? Best Etsy apps list has it. SKULabs is the highly-functional Etsy app for multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping. You can: pick, pack, and ship your orders (scan barcodes to eliminate errors), process shipments and print shipping labels from any carrier; track inventory across warehouses and see stock levels for all of your products, and more. Such a rich set of features comes with the price, of course (see below).

Price: $200.

50 best etsy apps


#4 SynCommerce

Features: Selling across multiple channels and keeping inventory up-to-date. That is what this app does. Etsy, Amazon, eBay or Shopify… it has you covered. First, you connect the app to your online stores and import all items to SynCommerce. Then you are able to sell everywhere and from one place. Order fulfillment and stock updates, printing shipping labels, inventory tracking. Stock reports as well.

Price: $40 basic, $100 plus, $200 pro.

#5 Stitch Labs

Features: Very popular among online merchants solution for inventory management. Describing all the features would take one more article in addition, so let’s just name some possibilities briefly. Syncing inventory, orders, data across sales channels and warehouses – got it. Predict  stockout dates, avoiding out-of-stocks and overstocks, improve operations and performance, drive profits. Undoubtedly, among the best Etsy apps, though quite heavy on budget.

Price: $500.

50 best etsy apps



#1 Heartomatic

Features: The app helps you to view and track activity in your Etsy shop. For instance, check who exactly and when liked (hearted) your products. Also, track all total views for all shop items – a graph will show you visitors likes by month/week/day, as well as some extra stats. Note, that new hearts means likes within last 24 hours.

Price: Custom.

#2 Putler

Features: Sales analytics app to see how your business on Etsy is performing (sales, trends, KPIs, product value). You can see monthly/by date sales, sales compared to goals, forecasts, average revenue per customer/per day, sales frequency, quantities sold, fastest selling products, number of new and returning customers and their percentage compared, top customers, etc. Each of that option is highly valuable and all of them together make Putler one of best Etsy apps.

P.S. And don’t get the title confused with certain political trivia 🙂

Price: $29 plus, $59 pro, $109 max.

best etsy apps list

#3 EtsyMarketingTool

Features: Formerly known as BestAutoRenew, this Etsy app has plenty of marketing/sales options, among which a) promoting items on social channels, b) scheduling sale events on your Etsy shop, c) items renewal (creating different possible rules), d) PDF catalogs of your Etsy items, e) promotion on Facebook and Twitter. One extra feature – creating and uploading own ad banners.

Price: $10.

#4 Etsy Social

Features: Growing audience on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the sole purpose of this app. Connecting with other sellers from one location, collecting likes, shares and followers. Public profile on Etsy Social promotes your store with ‘treasury’ style products that lead to your products. Those products have 2 CTA buttons (Favorite and  Add to Cart).

Price: Free.

#5 Easy Contests & Promotions Apps

Features: Running social contests/promotions on Facebook, Twitter, websites and mobile devices, without coding or design skills. 11 types of social campaigns, like sweepstakes, photo contest, group offers, etc. Looking for best Etsy apps for marketing tasks? With this app by Wishpond you can work to attract more followers, gather email subscribers, allow people to share your items with friends.

Price: $45 basic, $78 pro, $129 plus.

Bulk editing

#1 Etsy CSV

Features: The app allows you to upload your product listings to Etsy in bulk and fast. Even the smallest scale businesses may have to deal with hundreds of items back and forth. So why not optimize this task reducing it to minutes? Even the free version has all the basic characteristics you need.

Price: $0 limited, $7 basic, $15 premium.

#2 ShopShaper

Features: It lets you edit titles, descriptions, tags, prices, images, shipping templates and other features of either active or expired listings, and even draft listings to Etsy. Copying and moving listings across any of your sales channels. Editing and uploading in bulk, while changing tags, descriptions, prices, etc. Recent addition – deleting or adding images in bulk.

Price: $1 for day, $14 for month, $72 for year.

#3 Zetsy

Features: Free bulk editing and Etsy store management tool for Windows. Multiple product  listings where you can change everything in bulk – from tags and prices to shipping details and descriptions. Auto-renew feature for listings is available as well. And any related data collections can be downloaded, even expired listings and images to a local drive. It will be shown in a scrollable grid. The app runs on Windows OS, from XP to Win8.

Price: Free.

#4 Vela

Features: Lets you manage all your shops and listings, and works in most of browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE), on OSX and Windows, on iPad. Vela allows you to edit your Etsy store listings fast with bulk editing, saving you time. It connects with Etsy, Shopify, Ebay, Amazon. It helps to enhance your product photos. And it’s totally free, that’s why we award it as one of the best Etsy apps.

Price: Free.

best etsy apps list

#5 Nembol

Features: This app works best with product images. After installing it (Android, iOS) take a pic (or few) of your product, a pic of label, catalog or packaging, describe your product. As Nembol recognizes texts and barcodes, you may then connect all of your accounts on the web and publish products in bulk. Just click Publish. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Kijiji, Storenvy supported.

Price: $29 basic, $50 pro.

best etsy apps list


#1 WorkingPoint

Features: Inventory management, following expenses and invoices, financial reports and more as one whole solution? Yes, WorkingPoint is that great of an app for Etsy sellers. It allows to receive payments via PayPal, check stock amounts, integrates well with Etsy Seller account, which is crucial here. Other functionality is pretty extensive: from online banking and expense management to inventory and tax reporting. 90-day trial is very useful too.

Price: $9 basic, $19 pro.

#2 TaxJar

Features: Painless tax calculation and filing that all of Etsy sellers would love. And they definitely do (especially in the US) with this app, that is among best Etsy apps for accounting. Sales tax reports by state and jurisdiction, payment history for audits, daily data update automatically. Auto-file feature to file tax monthly/quarterly tax returns for additional payment. 30-day free trial.

Price: $19 basic, $49 plus, $ 99 premier.

best etsy apps list


#3 Unify

Features: Four major sides of this accounting Etsy app: 1) multi-channel sales opportunities (managing all in a single user-friendly UI, automatically import orders, etc); 2) sync with QuickBooks or Xero (creating receipts and invoices, timely, accurate and tax compliant accounting); 3) financial reporting (view all channels data like revenue, expenses, order volume, inventory, margins); 4) email marketing (integrating customer lists with MailChimp or other platforms).

Price: $39 basic, $129 pro, $200 advanced, $500 premium.

50 best etsy apps



Features: With this app you can keep track of how much actual revenue you’ve made in a month, as well as keep your expenses in check. For all transactions it automatically applies Etsy and PayPal fees. It also features a neat ‘bookmarklet’ option so that users may quickly add new sales receipts to the system. A dashboard displays both sales and expenses instantly. Nothing excessive, just income and spending.

Price: Free.

#5 Billbee

Features: Generating invoices, address labels, exporting data in various formats, creating  reports and statistics about your sales – the app covers these activities nicely. In Billbee you also have a  merchandise management system (for data, items and orders). All incoming orders,  regardless of the market platform, are managed and saved. Automatic creation of invoices and several more features, as well as 30-day free trial, bring this German app in our 50 best Etsy apps list.

Price: €0.07 per transaction for orders, €0.01 per transaction for listings.

Shopping Apps


Features: IFTT – “if this then that”. Meaning Etsy shoppers can create and share connections, collections, applets and automate posts. For instance, saving Etsy favorites to Evernote, sharing Etsy purchases on Twitter, receiving emails for new products that match your search. The app is being constantly upgraded with new features like Applets (popular user scenarios), Services, Features series, etc. Plenty to explore.

Price: $200.

best etsy apps list


#2 Smart Etsy

Features: A mobile app for Android phones. It is basically all Etsy functionality presented on your smartphone. Users can create curated collections with selected products, browse item categories and/or apply advanced search, add items or shops to favorites, access checkout carts. The app is still in beta mode, though is good for many of us already.

Price: Free.

#3 ColorMatch

Features: Colorful, bright and dynamic as the title suggests. It allows you to upload an image,  set keywords and color for it, and then check Etsy for products that match those parameters in your image. Choose one of dominant colors in image or grab a single specific color. You can  adjust color accuracy, zoom in on images, add items to your ‘favorites’, save it and share on website or social media. Note, that you can only upload .JPG files up to 1.75 MB in size.

Price: Free.

50 best etsy apps

#4 Etsywishlist

Features: Create your personal Etsy wish list/product gallery to share with friends. Just browse the site, find items of your interest, add them to your wish list. Therefore, you’ll be ready to share it on Facebook, Twitter and other media. You can even like and share a single product. You can name your wish list, and there will also be a search bar to help your friends.

Price: Free.

#5 Scrollsy

Features: Browse and discover Etsy products in a new way. Or if you don’t want to spend much time uncovering some specific item in hundreds of listings/shops, e.g. Sauron’s eye glass pendant, use Scrollsy to find just that item. Just type your keyword in the search field (you may add category and/or subcategory), press Enter and see all the results with pictures.

Price: Free.