About us

EasyERP is a flexible, dynamic, user-friendly and simple to use CRM / ERP software.
Open source ERP is made for running business easely and with 100% productivity.

When running a business you face a wide-range of requirements, but you cannot be everything at once: accountant, software developer, quality specialist, HR and sales manager, etc. By means of EasyERP software you can manage all your business processes and departments. It is a flexible, dynamic and simple system, but at the same time complete and functional.

EasyERP offers customizable, intelligible and fully integrated management solution for your team. Whenever you run a little online store or international company, our system helps to organize, collaborate and improve. The optimal number of modules offer multiple features to run a business effectively. With simple and intuitive interface there is no need to train your employees to use the system for months.

It is accessible and easy to download, install and use directly. Being easy to use and yet providing great functionality, EasyERP is a perfect tool for all your departments and managing enterprise as a whole.

Zoho alternative, EasyERP